Bot | LGBT
Start your very own virtual coffee company. Sell coffee, make money, trade others, make friends, listen to music. This community will take no toxicity. This server is meant for young teenagers and adults alike. No NSFW allowed.
Community | Support
This Is Argo Official A Amazing Community
Bot | Social
Friendly community and support for Counting Bot & HopBot
Community | Anime
We are a semi-SFW and a non-toxic server and we talk about various things for example like stuff that range from non-living to living things or general, pets, anime, art and music etc !! ⊙ω⊙ not to mention, here we have very friendly members/staff so it good for people who want to make friends >°<
Furry | Bot
Kettu's Layer is a small, safe for work furry server for furries and non furs alike :3 > Kettu's Layer has over 150 cool and rare custom emotes for your enjoyment > Want hugs or snugs? We have huggos and snuggles > Or just want to want to hang out with new fluffballs you have come to the right place 🦦 So do not by shy, come say hiiiii, we would love to meet you ^^
Community | Bot
Goku Black Community is a Server to hang out in and make friends! The Moderators are friendly aswell and up for jokes (dont take thier jokes seriously) We also have our unique custom Discord Bot for everyone to Invite and to use freely! We wait for your arrival here and hope you will enjoy your stay!
Community | Emoji
lovely is a non-toxic, community-built server ━ yes, we are not original, but that does not mean we can't have fun. The main purpose of Lovely is to build a safe- friendly community.