Community | Bot | Gaming
Beep Boop may just be the last bot you will ever need! Packed with features like: economy, fun, information, moderation, games, images and search!
Bot | Role-Playing
Le serveur officiel du bot BasicRP, permettant de faciliter le RP sur vos serveurs !
Tervetuloa Vortex Roleplaylle! Olemme suomalainen roolipeli yhteisö! Tulethan mukaamme?
Role-Playing | Entertainment
FiveM Revolution RP Orgs free e Premium Site: PSP/INEM Craft Armas 7 Drogas diferentes
Bot | Community
Go Community Support Server
Bot | Role-Playing
Discord fast food bot
eSports | Gaming
Roleplay Server. Made by: BadTrip Community Portuguese Roleplay (THIS IS A FIVEM RP SERVER)!!! ACTIVE STAFF SEARCH PLAYERS ACTIVE AND BE REAL ON YOUR RP! PSP Recrutando; INEM Recrutando; REPORTE BUGS NO DISCORD
Bot | Gaming
Botman es un bot hecho para el entretenimiento de los usuarios de discord, capacitado con más de 100 comandos con ganas de seguir creciendo.
Social | Role-Playing
.Nugget’s Bot~ ♡ ~♡~ Prefix: n. ~♡~ Nugget Bot has alot of “Social/Roleplay” Commands to interact with other users in a server if you do n.actions you can see all those but a few are n.boop, n.hug, n.cuddle and many more and always added new gifs to go along with the commands ~♡~ Nugget Bot also has Rating Commands like n.simprate, n.stankrate, n.sexyrate and many more to come you can do n.rating to see all the rating commands ~♡~ Nugget Bot also has NSFW commands that are locked to NSFW Marked channels to access them in your server do n.nsfw ~♡~ and sub reddit search comamnds to see them do n.reddit some commands are, and many more ~♡~ to see all nugget bots commands do ~♡~
Furry | Bot
Slushie is a furry bot that you can play music, boop another friend's snoot, or use as a sona hub for all of your fursonas, personas, and maybe even.. godsonas, if you have any! The bot also includes a verification system (maybe due to be removed due to Discord's newest update) along with tons of other miscellaneous commands, more to be added quite soon.
Anime | Community
The Official server for KonohaRPG! An RPG discord bot based on the immersive ninja world of Naruto. Climb the rank to become the next Kage. Complete missions with friends to strengthen your village, defeat the Akatsuki and become the God of Shinobi. Become apart of a growing shinobi community!