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Music | Entertainment
The most all-in-one bot made to engage and moderate your server! Levels, games, music, multi-language, and more with an intuitive dashboard!
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Maki Icon
Music | Entertainment
The most all-in-one bot made to engage and moderate your server! Levels, games, music, multi-language, and more with an intuitive dashboard!
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This robot has many features! It contains fun functions, eg. displays animals. Has also tickets with buttons functions (amazing), moderations functions (like every other robot :D) like Dyno. In moderations functions is for example ban, kick, mute and warn. Then it contains secondary moderator functions like how to create a poll or delete a given number of messages. I will not forget to add giveaway with reactions! This is probably my biggest success for me! Suggestions, leveling system, event, chatbot, translator and other functions! Recently I added url shorten functions, and qr creator for bot! Isn't that amazing? One robot and so many functions! This bot is also on top.gg. Also, don't forget join support server! =)
Mer$ BOT Destek Sunucusu Icon
Entertainment | YouTuber
Mer$ Botu Davet Etmek İçin m!davet Yazabilirsiniz m!help Yazarak Yardım Alabilirsin m!moderasyon Yazarak Moderasyon Komutlarına Erişebilirsin m!eğlence Yazarak Eğlence Komutlarına Erişebilirsin m!kullanıcı Yazarak Herkesin Kullanabileceği Komutlara Erişebilirsin m!logo Yazarak Logo Komutlarına Erişebilirsin Mer$ Bot İle Sunucunuz Güvende Kullanıclar Eğlenceli!
Retards da Tuga Icon
Entertainment | Gaming
Isto é uma comunidade portuguesa. Aqui poderás conviver com diversas pessoas, seja por chat ou até mesmo na área de gaming!!
BotArmy Icon
Entertainment | Meme
An AI bot with features such as: chatbot, math, memes and tictactoe! It is a very fun bot to add.
Warriors Bot Icon
Community | Entertainment
Un bot qui est voué à remplacer n'importe quel bot 😎 Il saura bientôt tout faire ! De donner la météo jusqu'à donner les horaires de trains en passant par les coordonnées de l'ISS en temps réel ! 😱 Ce bot pourra répondre à tous vos besoins 😌
Synqaa Icon
Gaming | Entertainment
Mu Arthas Icon
Entertainment | eSports
PT: Servidor de Mu online Season 2 Custom focado em eventos e farms, servidor totalmente gratuito no PayToWin. Site: Muarthas.com.br SPN: Servidor Mu online Season 2 Custom centrado en eventos y granjas, servidor totalmente gratuito en PayToWin. Sitio web: Muarthas.com.br ENG: Mu online Season 2 Custom server focused on events and farms, totally free server on PayToWin. Website: Muarthas.com.br
Football Nation Icon
Sports | Entertainment
Subscribe to your favorite teams and leagues and receive live scores in your Discord channels How to use the bot in your Discord channel? The bot is operated via the fn! prefix. You can enter this in the channel and the football bot will know you want help. The help command explains how to use all the commands. List of available commands Command Description fn!help Shows this help message fn!leagues Shows a list of available leagues fn!table league-name Shows the table (current league standing) for the chosen league fn!live team-name Sends live scores to your Discord channel for this team fn!live team-name stop Stops sending live scores for given team fn!live stop-all Stops sending all live scores to your Discord channel fn!live list-subs Show a list of current live score subscriptions for your channel fn!up Show upcoming matches for your channel fn!now Show current live matches
Cidade Soul Project Icon
Entertainment | Gaming
Servidor feito do zero e em constante desenvolvimento, tentando ser o mais realista e diferente possivel. Servidor privado, Hospedagem privada. Programador 24h no servidor. Equipa de desenvolvimento e administração serio mas divertida.
Embedinator Support Icon
Community | Entertainment
Create beautiful announcements with embeds through an interactive process! All is done through commands. No website needed!
Erixs #Destek Icon
Bot | Entertainment
Gelmeyen kalmasın botum var moderasyon cok gzl sunucuya gelin e!davet yazın ve botu ekleyın cok gzl pişman olmazsınız
ValZarGaming Icon
Gaming | Entertainment
The official server for fans and friends of ValZarGaming. The community, its content, and all software developed by ValZarGaming is managed by Valithor#5947. The server is also the primary hub for Palace Bot, an open-source general purpose Discord bot that can be located at https://github.com/valzargaming/Yasmin
LordBot Support Icon
Bot | Entertainment
This server is the support server for the LordBot! [You can learn how to use it and invite it to your server in this server!]
🐶 Casinha Do Doggy #DOGGY2.0 Icon
Bot | Entertainment
Casinha Do Bot de Multifunções Doggy
Grandeur Bot Help Icon
Entertainment | Bot
Official Grandeur Bot Support Server. Join for info on the bot.
Karma Kingdom Icon
Community | Entertainment
Welcome to the Karma Kingdom! We hope you enjoy your time here and meet some wholesome people!
Excalibur Icon
Bot | Entertainment
The official discord server for Excalibur. Excalibur is a WIP bot, which aims to do pretty much everything and then some. We've come up with wacky features (we haven't made em yet tho) that have never been thought of before in a bot. The Excalibur community is pretty laid-back.
PJ Masks - FAN SERVER Icon
Community | Entertainment
English: A server where you can talk about anything, but more focused on PJ Masks, since it is a server for all PJ Masks fans obviously, and well, go through the server, thank you very much :) Español: Un server en donde puedes hablar de lo que sea, pero más centrado en PJ Masks, ya que es un server para todos los fans de PJ Masks obviamente, y bueno, pasate por el servidor, muchas gracias :) Português: Um servidor onde você pode falar de qualquer coisa, porém mais focado no PJ Masks, já que é um servidor para todos os fãs do PJ Masks obviamente, e bem, passa pelo servidor, muito obrigado :)
Dragoon Icon
Community | Entertainment
Hello! Dragoon is an all-rounder bot. It can do anything you want it to, from moderation commands like mute and ban to entertainment ones like playing music. No matter what you want, this bot has you covered
❤️ | #SEXTOU Icon
Entertainment | Community
RPG, Moderação, Diversão e utilidades de forma única. ❤️ #SextouBaby com vários outros comandos, vem conferir!
Processor Icon
Technology | Entertainment
A handy dandy bot capable of doing many complex things, that is simple to use.
Music | Entertainment
The most easy-to-use BOT packed with every command you ever need! Moderation Fun Utility Ticket Giveaways and much more......
Octo-Cow Icon
Community | Entertainment
This bot does a lot of commands like running polls, memes, getting youtube videos and tons more on the /help command or /AllCommands.
Tim Icon
Community | Entertainment
Tim is a super unique, new, and in progress moderation bot that will bring a smile to your face! He has many useful features that you may have seen in many other bots such as a verification system and a warning system! What makes him different is while he is a new bot, he is very professional and is all-in-one, Making the clutter of many bots in your server, all come down to a single bot. The commands are super easy to get ahold of and easy to use as well! Tim is bound to be an excellent addition to any server. His commands are case sensitive, using !!help should be a good start!
Robô BOT Icon
Entertainment | Community
Servidor de suporte do bot Robô Bot! Um bot de moderação, utilidades, informações, diversão, animes, roblox, minecraft, jogos e muito mais!!
TunnelBot#7617 Icon
Entertainment | Social
*Connect with new people with **TunnelBot!*** TunnelBot allows you to chat anonymously with users from a large network of servers all across Discord. Meet new people and make new friends! --- **How It Works** --- Chat tunnels are connections made with other users through TunnelBot in DM. Tunnels are easy to use and no setup is require from server admins. - Private chat tunnels - Personalized Settings - 24/7 Support - And more to come!
Police Bot Icon
Entertainment | Crypto
Police Bot is about to hit its 100 server limit, we won't get verified until April. Overall Police Bot is a fun, reliable, and fast bot that you can use all the time. Now with a leveling system + some image editing.
anavrin Icon
Community | Entertainment
OHMEN 💎 Icon
Entertainment | Community
💎 OHMEN - 🥂 Nuevo bot de discord con muchas funcionalidades! - 💸 Economia - ⛔ Moderación - 🎫 Soporte - ✔ +100 comandos y mucho más!
Eatery Icon
Get The Best Dining Experience What it does Eatery is the bot that lets you dine at home, without cooking! Eatery has the largest menu in the world, so you can just ask for something, and it will probably be served to you. We guarantee for your order to be served hot, within 5 minutes*. Prefix: % We chose this prefix so it's easy to use, but won't interfere with that many bots. Commands: %help - Help Command %order [something] - Order Something Get it today! So what are you waiting for, get the best fast food experience today, for free!
Tokino Sora Icon
Anime | Entertainment
Tokino Sora is a bot that notifies a server when a hololive vtuber channel is live. All members from the official Hololive are included to be notified from your server.
𝕊𝕟𝕖𝕜 ℂ𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕣𝕒𝕝 Icon
Entertainment | Community
Just a place to talk, chill, make friends, have fun, and be yourself. You can make new friends with the same interests as you. We support everyone for who they are. This is a safe place.
IceJatos Icon
Bot | Entertainment
A very nice bot. It can be funny. It can be nice, it could be cool, and it could be a moderator bot.
AntaresBot Icon
Meme | Entertainment
A list of User Commands 'Counting' channel information is available using the command: adminhelp This is a list of commands the bot currently supports 8ball or ask: Ask the bot a question and have it respond random: ❗❗COMMAND DISABLED FOR A REWRITE❗❗ cat: Sends a random picture of a cat. dog: Sends a random picture of a dog. reddit or meme: ❗❗This command is disabled as it is being rewritten to improve NSFW filtering❗❗ xkcd or comic: Sends a random XKCD comic github: Sends an embed with a link to the github repo for the bot. prefix: Shows the Prefix for the bot. invite: Sends an invite for the bot and the support server. ping: Sends the ping time of the bot. uptime: Sends the uptime of the bot stats and update: Updates the database and shows the bots most recent stats. adminhelp: Shows the Admin Help Embed privacy: Sends in a dm, the privacy policy for the bot.
OGSkies Icon
Entertainment | Music
Our Bot🤖OGSkies Is Still Not The Final Version❗ And We Will Continue Making It Better👍. Our Happiness Is Your Happiness😀.
SharkBot Icon
Bot | Entertainment
Hello! Im SharkBot. Tags (Ignore): bot discord discord bot bot discord
AI Response - VC Announcement Icon
Bot | Entertainment
A solo command bot, which transmits your text to voice message for making announcements or having fun with friends. Try "say hey dude, your socks smells bad", HAVE FUN!
Entertainment | Bot
Life Bot Icon
Entertainment | Role-Playing
A fun bot with lots of features. Features like levelling, gambling, economy, jobs, crafting and etc. *help - if you need help *bal - returns your coin ballance *job (job) - join a join for example (subway) *transfer (plr) (amount) - tranfers the selected player the chosen amount of coins *gamble (gambe) (amount) - gambles the amount of coins on that game for example (dice) *buy (item) - buys the selected item for example *wear (item) - wears the selected item *unwear (area) - unwears the item in the selected area for example (hat, legs, body) *make (item) - makes the selected item for example *hit (choice) - hits the selected choice for example (tree, rock) *inv - returns the items in your inventory *work - do your job *recipes - returns the crafing recipes *fish - fishes if you have a fishing rod *mine oil - mines oil if you have an oil miner *shop - returns the items you can buy
CheerBot Icon
Entertainment | Social
Never feel down with CheerBot. CheerBot Is a motivational, moderation, music, apex legends tracker, fortnite tracker, translator, economy, levelling, trivia, meme creator, weather bot. CheerBot has endless commands, it can also do automod witch is great to stop racist messages or swearing, and more, CheerBot is always updating! CheerBot has so many different functions, and a active support server, with a ticket system and much more including fun games and much more, thanks for reading!
Matcha Icon
Entertainment | Community
Matcha is a discord bot with moderation, fun, and pretty much everything. Invite Matcha to your server Today!
Myha-Chan Icon
Entertainment | Social
Bot com comandos de Moderação, Memes, Economia, Imagens, Utilitários, Jogos. Simples e em desenvolvimento. Bot Verificado.
Nami Icon
Furry | Entertainment
Nami es un bot con el objetivo de ser utilizado en el ámbito de RolePlay con comandos de interacción como kiss, hug, cuddle, etc! Nami además integra opciones de moderación como ban, kick, warn, etc! además se está trabajando en integrar una auto-moderación para facilitar el trabajo de moderar servidores agregando opciones como limite de menciones en un solo mensaje, prohibición de @everyone, limite de mensajes por segundo, etc! Cabe destacar que se está integrando la opción de que Nami pueda contener funciones musicales (Sip! poner musica en canales de voz!) Además hay comandos varios como na!weather, na!whois, na!8ball entre otros; Todo para otorgarle la mayor cantidad de utilidades a los usuarios con un solo bot!
FreshBeat Radio Icon
Entertainment | Music
Freshbeatradio is an online licence Internet radio station that plays a huge variety of the freshest & best hits from across the many genres of music which are presented by our Radio DJ's in the UK & Worldwide.
FunBot Icon
Bot | Entertainment
This is a Fun bot and for help use $help , The Bot has Secret commands, one is "How are u" But its not all! ;) it getting updated often!
Assistant Icon
Bot | Entertainment
This not is about moderation, And the prefix is "$", Also a note form the bot creator: I kinda suck at scripting. Invite Bot here: https://discord.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=834771861870608396&scope=bot%20applications.commands&permissions=2147483647
Tubarão do yniax Icon
bot brasileiro de: diversão, adiministração comandos: + de 100 funções: bloquear invites (indisponivel) comando de informações: T!botinfo comando da lista de comandos: T!help
Wovy Icon
Music | Entertainment
Hey, it's me Wovy, I'm a multi-purpose discord bot. I have some fun, music, moderating commands and stuff :p
Vera's Support Icon
Entertainment | Bot
# The Bot is For Fun Only Purpses ## The Bot's Prefix is $ ```Feel Free To Join The Support Server Since i Will Put All The Updates Over There``` ### The Commands Are : $help <span style="color:red;"> To View The Help Menu </span> $boost <span style="color:red;"> To Make a Nitro Gaming Prank </span> $help <span style="color:red;"> To Make a Nitro Classic Prank </span> $Links <span style="color:red;"> To View The Servers The bot is In (You Need To be Bot Owner)</span> #### The Main Purpose Of The Bot is To Make Pranks & Troll Members , Friends By Faking Nitros and Robux ##### IMPORTANT NOTE: The Bot is For Fun Pupose Only Please Dont Use it For Any Other Purpose
EpicProBot Icon
Entertainment | Bot
EpicProBot is a multi-purpose bot that has economy, music, ticketing, moderation, fun commands, and more! With many commands and updates to explore!
Proteus Icon
Bot | Entertainment
<h1>Proteus - The True Multipurpose Bot</h1> Moderation, fun, image, currency, random generation commands, I have it all! The best thing is, I am constantly being developed and improved! Proteus is a great addition to any server, and will satisfy the needs of both server staff and members! <h2>What do I offer?</h2> - Moderation & Punishment Logging - Fun Commands - A lot of them! - Image Commands - Economy Commands - Random Generation Commands <h2>How frequently is it updated?</h2> The Head Developers and Developers are working hard everyday to bring users the best experience in using Proteus! Everyday we post major command updates or bug fixes. We even provide lots of sneak peeks to the members of the Proteus Official server! <h2>I would like to suggest a new feature</h2> Proteus Developers are active 24/7, so feel free to suggest anything you want to see in Proteus! We make sure to read every single suggestion from the users of Proteus.
Xx-Mxsic-xX Icon
Entertainment | Social
A bot that invites other people to other servers, like mine where you can chill, listen to music, and post some memes.
Captain bot Icon
Entertainment | Support
This bot is a Fun bot for entertainment and just for fun and for announcements! Prefix = . Commands: ;Help ;Gamble ;Information ;Slap ;ChannelInfo ;UserInfo ;SendImage ;SendEmoji ;GenNumber ;Gold ;Flipcoin This bot includes alot of features, Not enough? Suggest more in our support server!
Honey Pot Icon
Social | Entertainment
Honey Pot is a bot to help keep servers more active. It has a few fun, easy to understand, commands: %topic - Generates a random queston or talking topic %8ball - You can ask the 8 ball a question to reveal a (Slightly questionable..) answer! %help - A short message with information about the bot and news about new updates that are soon to come! %news - Shows the features that were added in the most recent update %info - Shows getting started informaiton, credits, and support information %balance - Check your balance %leaderboard - Shows you the global leaderboard (Send a message in chat to gain a honeycomb. The currency system is cross server, meaning that you can gain honeycombs by sending messages in chat in any server that has the bot in it !) %fact - Gives a random fact about bees !
Inferno Support Icon
Gaming | Entertainment
Inferno is a multipurpose revolutionary bot. With new commands that were never made before, continuous updates and user-friendly GUI. This bot has a lot of categories such as Moderation, Fun, Utility, Facts and Filters. Some of the Moderation commands: Ban, Unban, Kick, Mute, UnMute, Kick, Warn, and more! Some of the fun commands: Say, Whois, Avatar, Meme, YoutubeComment, Tweet, ASCII, Horny, Simp, Gayrate, Simprate, and more upcoming! Some of the Utility commands: DM, AddRole, RemoveRole, McSkin, Severinfo, etc. The bot is still new, but it has some really promising features, all new and creative, useful and helpful.
Baruke Icon
Community | Entertainment
Baruke é indica para todo o público, adulto e criança. Comandos divertidos e engraçados, e bem fofinhos!
Soul Project Unipessoal Lda Icon
Programming | Entertainment
Host for all servers, clouds, communitys with other tools for help your coummunity grow up. VPS, Dedicated Servers Ark, FiveM, Minecraft Rust, and others. Cloud, Team Speak, site...
NYT Icon
Bot | Entertainment
A Multipurpose Bot Developed By Nanoツ#5463 Made Using Discord.py Took Almost 3 Months For Developing The Bot
𝐒𝐚𝐯𝐚𝐠𝐞 𝐁𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐬 Icon
Entertainment | Music
Wir sind ein Deutscher server, hier wird nur Deutsch Gesprochen und Geschrieben. we are a German server here only German is written and spoken.
Kibizoffs Icon
Entertainment | Bot
This is a server just to chill! It’s the great place to make new friends :) Also we have our cool bot with 80+ servers!