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Music | Entertainment | Memes
A Discord music/radio bot that plays live streams radio, YouTube music/streams, Spotify music/streams and many more ...
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Radio X Discord Server Banner
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Music | Entertainment | Memes
A Discord music/radio bot that plays live streams radio, YouTube music/streams, Spotify music/streams and many more ...
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Anime | Social
Inosuke Bot Discord This inosuke bot I was inspired by the anime character in kimetsu no yaiba this character who always wears a pig mask and he is good at using a sword
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Yakuza is a multifunctional Discord bot with over 600 commands. Start with basic information, music system, economy, administration system, automod, setups and so on. The bot it’s perfect for your Discord server. This is a bot created for all user needs, Yakuza can compete with Mee6, ProBot and other big bots.
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Support | Bot
Welcome to my Support, user! I'm Dinosaur, a multipurpose BOT! Here, in my support you can report users, bugs, and ask for help.
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Le bot est français il est développé par CodeNHack Foundation, cette version du bot est en aoi.js. Le bot est (au possible) sans bug et nous essayons de l’améliorer dans toutes les mises à jour. Le bot a un système d’économie, un système de modération, des commandes amusantes et plus ! Le message d’aide n’est pas toujours à jour... Le bot n’est pas fini pour l’instant mais nous essayons d’être rapides ! Nous essayons autant que possible d’améliorer le bot, réduire et augmenter les commandes d’économie (dans quelques semaines nous allons faire un système de combat) C’est ma propre traduction je n’ai pas utiliser Google Traduction.
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Memes | Music
BruhBot has Many Useful and Fun Commands, for example Steal Emoji to steal an emoji from a different server, or over 20 image manipulation commands!
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Bot | Community
Multipurpose Discord bot - moderation, XP, RSS, tickets, server logs, and many more - More info at
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BamBam was created for the entertainment and fun of the user. BamBam has more than 40 commands where you can find the commands for music, games and interactions to entertain you. It also includes slash commands, where you can find moderation commands, utility and welcome system!! I hope you invite BamBam and have fun!!!
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Anime | Bot
Basic bot that gets updated regularly and has big rework coming soon! | Only features basic commands at the current state
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Memes | Entertainment
Hello!! Top shagger is a multi-purpose, generally fun and unique Discord bot. The bot features a variation of commands from simple moderation to advanced currency commands like slots with more still in the works. Now with the best part of 30 commands there is something for everyone and with active development much more to come! Top Shagger, granted, is no Mee6 but it isn’t meant to be! It is just my project, I’ve spent 100 or more hours on and I would just appreciate the support of you adding it to your server, I can imagine that you won’t like it!!
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Entertainment | Social
zZita is a discord server tool like any other bot but better and with more commands! Over 100+ commands are provided! ----> Providing you with math, fun commands and game commands with moderation and utilities, also globalchat is included! Games like snake and tictactoe and rock paper scissors.
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RoboStux - The Robot That Can Do Everything in One. Contains Music, Games, Moderation, Reaction Roles and so much more.
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Community | Support
This is Lilac, a multipurpose bot with neat embeds that will make your server iconic. - Currently in 50+ guilds and 1500+ users. - Include with 50+ commands and 20+ subcommands to bring your experience to another level. - Advanced tools like Wikipedia, translator, YouTube and many more! - Full built in economy system. - Beautiful embeds. - With suggest command to suggest ideas for devs. Developer Team - paully$#1000 | 857932717681147954 - et3rnalx#1032 | 886238665297264660 Links and Support - [Support Server]( - [Invite](
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Bot | Community | Entertainment
Server Manager provides servers with features such as, leveling, giveaways, member verification, join gate, invite tracking, event logging and moderation.
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Bot | Community | Entertainment
Server Manager provides servers with features such as, leveling, giveaways, member verification, join gate, invite tracking, event logging and moderation.
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Bot | Entertainment
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Technology | Community
Welcome to Valiant. The only Discord bot you will need. With commands ranging from a dog command all the way to AI moderation, we have it all! This is a project that has been been in development for 6 months at the time of writing this. The code for the project has been released on GitHub for everyone to view 25 days ago at the time of writing this as well. We also provide a guide on how to set up the bot for self-hosting along with its own dashboard! Now, let's move on to all of our commands. For your server administrators, we have a multitude of commands to help make settings up Valiant easy. - /automod - The automod command is used to configure all of the settings for the automod function of the bot. The options include adding and removing channels for the bot to scan messages in. You can also set the punishment for certain levels of toxicity. - /chatbot - The chatbot command is used to add a channel where the chatbot will interact. - /goodbye - The goodbye command is used to
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Bot | Gaming
Hello, my name is Konan! I was designed to be helpful and efficient in everything I do. I have features like autocomplete, buttons, select menu and modals. You can ban up to 160 users at once. You can also manage positions via buttons and/or selection menu. You can also clear up to 1000 messages in a channel. If you're interested, add me.
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Bot | Memes
Searchify is a friendly multipurpose bot with too many features like Fun, memes commands and more! Links -Privacy Policy: -Terms of Service:
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Entertainment | Social
MrBuddy is all in one bot which have lots of diffarent kind of commands! Main Features • Activities Command • Admin Command • Fun Command More coming soon For More Information visit our website Or Join Our Support Server
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Elite Bot brings many essential and unique features together, providing solid all-round functionality. It comes with fantastic customisability with moderation, logging, music, fun and many more unique features and commands! Our unique Five M Server Status feature allows you to display the live status of your Five M Server. Feature-Packed Elite Bot includes tons of essential commands and features that are easy to use and documented in detail, including unique features exclusive to Elite Bot! Fully Customisable Elite Bot allows you to customise the majority of features and commands to your own desires and likings! Easy to setup Elite Bot is extremely simple to setup with very clear and in-depth documentation to configure everything you want!
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Entertainment | Community
**Lexi is a multipurpose bot with many features:** Moderation・Currency・Fun・Pokemon・Dragon hunt・Anime・And More... **Commands menu:** **Config:** announce set announce embed whois serverinfo **Moderation:** ban mute unmute warn warnings addrole removerole nick lock unlock **Reactie roles:** rr set-role **Giveaways:** gstart drop **Currency:** work daily beg crime bal with dep give bj slots money add wallet reset bank reset shop item add lb **Fun:** meme fight (@user) click howgay (@user) rps Rock/Paper/Scissor tod match (@user) (@user) breed (@user) (@user) simp (@user) pet (@user) punch (@user) marry (@user) divorce confess set confess **Waifu games:** ha wa **Guess the number:** gtn guess **Dragon game** +hunt +bag +dragons **Pokemon:** start pick spawn hint info profile pokedex **Miscellaneous:** ping purge whois @user afk stop afk translate (non English text) calc remindme why when roll botsuggest (suggestion) bugreport (report) Made by: .𝙼𝚘𝚘𝚗.𝚕𝚒𝚐𝚑𝚝.#2525
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A multipurpose Discord bot created to fit all of your servers needs. Created with JavaScript and hosted on SparkHost, Yukiko will never fail to amaze you. Many different, useful commands like automoderation, leveling system, economy system, and also a premium system! There are tons of different games, and features such as welcoming system, unscramble, fast-type, and more. The developer's favorite feature would be the to-do list system and notepad system- two things you never knew you needed within a Discord bot until you get a taste of what Yukiko has to offer. Currently watching over 108 servers (yes, Yukiko is verified!) and 100,000+ members, Yukiko will always be here for you.
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Bot | Social
Hello I'm kotaru a DAN, Multipurpose Bot which is integrated with OpenAI,s ChatGPT and Botghost. Add me on your server and see the magic. Tyle /help for the list of command.
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Community | Gaming
Are you looking for a full multi purpose bot which can bring your server to life with a handful of features, such as: - A Unique Vanity Rep System - Refreshing Informational Commands - A Pristine Moderation System and MORE? Well Serpent is a newly developed bot, designed & developed by "venxm." to enhance your server! With over 25 different commands to use, including: - Server Information - Report & Suggest System - Moderated Nicknames - A Fully Fledged Moderation System On top of that, I have developed the simple but effective Owner Only Commands.
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Lunar utility is a multi-purpose discord bot built with discord javascript everything is highly customizable through our custom dashboard. Lunar utility has 11 features and growing. Every feature is completely free with no pay walls. *Lunar Utility uses a dashboard. Some features will need to be configured at for them to work.* Features: - Welcome and goodbye messages - Autorole - Leveling - Reaction roles - Message builder - Embed builder - Moderation - Logging - Statistics channels - Suggestions channels - Tickets Dashboard: Invite Bot: Support Server: Status Page: Documentation: *Lunar Utility is in continuous development. Everything on Lunar Utility is subject to change.*