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Emoji | Role-Playing
ScrumpBot is a heavily customizable Discord bot, with hundreds of unique and awesome features.
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Emoji | Role-Playing
ScrumpBot is a heavily customizable Discord bot, with hundreds of unique and awesome features.
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Levels and role levels, Twitch Twitter and Youtube alerts (coming soon), music, role reactions, logs, and more!!!
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Anime | Social
Inosuke Bot Discord This inosuke bot I was inspired by the anime character in kimetsu no yaiba this character who always wears a pig mask and he is good at using a sword
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Music | Bot
**Unseen Servant** __**[Information]**__ Unseen Servant is a multi-purpose bot, created by **Carl Emil**, that was likes combined of every type of bot in Discord, that you could do a lot of things with it, for like giveaways, economy, AI Chat-Bot, and even more! __**[What it can do?]**__ -Giveaways. -Economy. -Level. -Suggestion. -Music. -Moderation. -Images. -AI Chat-Bot. -And more!!! **__[How to use it!]__** `.help` commands. [support]( **What are you waiting for? [Invite]( the bot to your server now!**
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Support | Bot
Welcome to my Support, user! I'm Dinosaur, a multipurpose BOT! Here, in my support you can report users, bugs, and ask for help.
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Le bot est français il est développé par CodeNHack Foundation, cette version du bot est en aoi.js. Le bot est (au possible) sans bug et nous essayons de l’améliorer dans toutes les mises à jour. Le bot a un système d’économie, un système de modération, des commandes amusantes et plus ! Le message d’aide n’est pas toujours à jour... Le bot n’est pas fini pour l’instant mais nous essayons d’être rapides ! Nous essayons autant que possible d’améliorer le bot, réduire et augmenter les commandes d’économie (dans quelques semaines nous allons faire un système de combat) C’est ma propre traduction je n’ai pas utiliser Google Traduction.
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Meme | Music
BruhBot has Many Useful and Fun Commands, for example Steal Emoji to steal an emoji from a different server, or over 20 image manipulation commands!
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BamBam was created for the entertainment and fun of the user. BamBam has more than 40 commands where you can find the commands for music, games and interactions to entertain you. It also includes slash commands, where you can find moderation commands, utility and welcome system!! I hope you invite BamBam and have fun!!!
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Anime | Bot
Art credits to liliekit#0245 ╰┄┄➤Anime (35) ➤Awoo ➤Bite ➤Blush ➤Bonk ➤Bully ➤Cringe ➤Cry ➤Cuddle ➤Dance ➤Glomp ➤HandHold ➤Happy ➤HiveFive ➤Hug ➤Kick ➤Kill ➤Kiss ➤Lick ➤Megumin ➤Neko ➤Nom ➤Pat ➤Poke ➤Shinobu ➤Slap ➤Smile ➤smug ➤Waifu ➤Wave ➤Wink ➤Yeet ➤Baka ➤WhatAnime ➤Fact ➤Karma ╰┄┄➤Backup (3) ➤Backup-create ➤Backup-info ➤Load-backup ╰┄┄➤Minigames (2) ➤Snake ➤Wyr ╰┄┄➤Chatbot (3) ➤Chatbot ➤Disablechatbotchannel ➤Setchatbotchannel ╰┄┄➤Fun (12) ➤Binary ➤Clyde ➤Comment ➤Country ➤Eject ➤Emojify ➤Github ➤Iq ➤Npm ➤Ping ➤Weather ➤Zalgo ╰┄┄➤Info (4) ➤Help ➤Botinfo ➤Invite ➤Uptime ╰┄┄➤Moderation (3) ➤Ban ➤Boot ➤Purge ╰┄┄➤Music (15) ➤Clear-queue ➤Filter ➤Filters ➤Leave ➤Loop ➤Lyrics ➤Np ➤Pause ➤Play ➤queue ➤Resume ➤Search ➤Shuffle ➤Skip ➤Volume ╰┄┄➤Other (6) ➤Addemoji ➤Avatar ➤Emojilist ➤Snipe ➤Urban ➤Wiki ╰┄┄➤Images (11) ➤Affect ➤Beautiful ➤Delete ➤Dog ➤Duck ➤Fire ➤Respect ➤Rip ➤Scary ➤Trash ➤Triggered ╰┄┄➤Owner (2) ➤Eval ➤Reload
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Bot | Music
A multifunctional bot with systems of: Leveling, Moderation, Suggestions, Economy, Multilanguages, Weather, Akinator, Radio and much more!
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Meme | Entertainment
Hello!! Top shagger is a multi-purpose, generally fun and unique Discord bot. The bot features a variation of commands from simple moderation to advanced currency commands like slots with more still in the works. Now with the best part of 30 commands there is something for everyone and with active development much more to come! Top Shagger, granted, is no Mee6 but it isn’t meant to be! It is just my project, I’ve spent 100 or more hours on and I would just appreciate the support of you adding it to your server, I can imagine that you won’t like it!!
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Entertainment | Social
zZita is a discord server tool like any other bot but better and with more commands! Over 100+ commands are provided! ----> Providing you with math, fun commands and game commands with moderation and utilities, also globalchat is included! Games like snake and tictactoe and rock paper scissors.
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RoboStux - The Robot That Can Do Everything in One. Contains Music, Games, Moderation, Reaction Roles and so much more.
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Entertainment | Language
All - In - One Discord Bot for displaying Information, Translation, Fun and more! Note:- All Commands are Slash Commands
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Community | Support
This is Lilac, a multipurpose bot with neat embeds that will make your server iconic. - Currently in 50+ guilds and 1500+ users. - Include with 50+ commands and 20+ subcommands to bring your experience to another level. - Advanced tools like Wikipedia, translator, YouTube and many more! - Full built in economy system. - Beautiful embeds. - With suggest command to suggest ideas for devs. Developer Team - paully$#1000 | 857932717681147954 - et3rnalx#1032 | 886238665297264660 Links and Support - [Support Server]( - [Invite](