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Music | Entertainment | Memes
A Discord music/radio bot that plays live streams radio, YouTube music/streams, Spotify music/streams and many more ...
Radio X Discord Server Banner
Radio X Discord Server Banner
Radio X Icon
Music | Entertainment | Memes
A Discord music/radio bot that plays live streams radio, YouTube music/streams, Spotify music/streams and many more ...
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Just Chatting | Education
Xavier: Your Ultimate Discord Study Buddy! 🚀 Powerful & Fast: Get lightning-fast answers to complex questions in seconds. 📚 Study Superstar: Master subjects effortlessly with Xavier's in-depth explanations. 💬 Human-Like Conversations: Enjoy natural chats and engaging interactions.
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Bot | Gaming
There are many killfeeds for console. Skynet is an all around bot that will help you with all of your server managment needs. This bot is built by a server owner for server owners. We know how much work and money goes into making a server and were here to help! Free We understand the cost of servers so we're looking for donations to keep this project going for all crowd source funding! Multiserver and multi Admin We allow multiple Discord servers and Nitrado accounts. We also have a permission system so you can add your Friends as Admins High-quality Design We understand that seeing something look and work nice is a big part of sales for any product. Just like food we eat with our eyes if something looks good its going to taste good as well. All Essential Elements You can Start, Stop the server and edit files using Discord. You can manage Player Bans, Whitelist and Priority lists using the Website or Discord.
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Gaming | Bot
The home for the Free Game Is A Free Game bot. Get notified of free games for all kinds of platforms at your own leisure!
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Music | Bot
Discover the ultimate music experience with SlashMusic! Unleash a vast library of tunes, enjoy high-quality playback, and engage in a vibrant community. Elevate your server's atmosphere with top-quality music. Use simple commands like /play to add your own music effortlessly. SlashMusic revolutionizes your Discord music experience, offering a seamless and immersive sound journey. Join now to be part of a community that lives and breathes music! 🎶🤝
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Community | Entertainment
Nino Bot is a very advanced bot with many commands with all the basics like Ban, Kick, Mute, etc. It also has advanced commands like Timed Messages, Soft Ban, Timeout, Levels, Music, Warn, Question Of The Day and more!
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Gaming | Entertainment
OFFICIAL GAME LAUNCH - FRIDAY, SEP. 23RD! Click Interested on the Event in the #news channel to be a part of the Launch Party :]
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Technology | Design
Razicord by Dev-Time est un bot conçu pour les projets du Web. Razicord est un bot entièrement gratuit ! Site web:
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│ support server - │ │ │ /Romica │ │ This is Romica a music bot made by me with love<3.
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Technology | Education
We are a free Linux based hosting platform and community designed on the Discord API using NodeJS that brings a new container service right into the chat box while also providing support to empower today's youth in coding and learning how to use Linux. Within the Discord-Linux platform you can generate containers in an automated fashion for your own computing needs! Host a Discord bot or even a website or an application on an open port! SSH Details are direct messaged to you and you can submit commands to the command line right in any text channel that has the correct permissions. The platform supports multiple Operating Systems: Ubuntu, Debian, Alpine and Alma Linux We offer several sub services integrated within our hosting control environment. Including File System Navigation, A custom Portainer build to provide web panel access and more:
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Growth | Community
Welcome to the next best discord vouch bot! All available bot commands are listed below. Commands: Vouch Info (Soon you will be able to backup submitted vouches and restore them!) NOTE: This bot is free to use unless you wish to have a rebrand!
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Bot | Support
🗽MixAI = Free BOT that lets you talk to AI on Discord No complicated settings are required, just add it to your server and you can use it! >> Main features - Custom AI: You can create your own AI! - Conversation with AI: You can talk with MixAI and custom AI! - AI automatic response channel: You can set a channel where MixAI or custom AI will automatically respond! - Translation: You can translate sentences! - Ticket: You can use the ticket function! There are many other useful functions! Please add MixAI to your server and enjoy!