Pure Imagination

An empowering creative community. Facilitating art, design, music, development, photography, writing and other content creation.

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An empowering creative community. Facilitating art, design, music, development, photography, writing and other content creation.

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Pure Imagination - Updates

Server Redesign

We have a redesign coming up, as voted for by the community. A fresh lick of paint is sure to represent us moving forwards!

Custom Roles

Nitro Boosters can now assign and edit their own custom role using the bot. You'll be able to pick the name of your role as well as colour, and can change it whenever you wish!


We now have a #programming channel and role for avid programmers. Whether you're new to coding or been in the matrix for years, you'll be at home here.

Live Cooking Events

A couple of our community members have banded together to offer live cooking shows in our discord. See the recipe, see it done start to end, and if you like, you could even prepare to cook-along!

We're hiring Coordinators!

The Role:

Currently, the role is what you make it. Just as we look to empower creatives we also look to empower our own staff team as facilitators and curators. The application can be found in-server and is open to everyone. Let us know the skills you'd like to build, if we can support you to do so, we will!

Some ideas of what the role could include:

  • Chat Moderation
  • Event Organisation
  • Tournament Administration
  • Community Engagement
  • Content Creation

About You:

At this stage, we don't have specific requirements. We're looking for motivated individuals that want to be a part of curating and empowering a community, you let us know what you're able to do and how you'd like to do it.

Currently our platform is a discord server, however we'd like to expand to be more than this. If you feel you're able to support beyond the discord server, we'd definitely love to hear that too!

We don't take things too seriously at Pure Imagination, but we do like to provide a positive experience in an enjoyable environment.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly should you want to discuss or ask any questions. Discord: Willy Wonka#1971

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