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An empowering creative community. Facilitating art, design, music, development, photography, writing and other content creation.

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An empowering creative community. Facilitating art, design, music, development, photography, writing and other content creation.

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Halloween Music Event

Halloween Music Event

As well as running a Discord Art Competition this Halloween, Pure Imagination is also running a Discord Music Competition!

Head on over to the #musical_thriller channel to share your spooky music. So far, we've had a couple of entries for you to listen to and get into the mood this Spooky Season!

As always, we are unable to facilitate NSFW content. Other than that, not many rules, really. Just post something awesome and ween themed.

We look forward to listening to your submissions!

Halloween Event: Art of Horror

Halloween Event: Art of Horror

Our Art of Horror event is live!

Calling all artists, our new Discord Art Event is live! Have you ever been so scared that you drew something about it? Now's the perfect time to share.

We're looking out for sp00py creations from our community to build a channel full of scary, weird or outright gruesome content.

It's all just for fun.

We'll have plenty of giveaways going on throughout the month too! Other events will be available!

Appreciate Sharing!

At Pure Imagination we believe it is important to be able to show appreciation to those who share their work.

Introducing Server Stars

Server stars is a simple, but awesome way to let others know you like their work. In our channels, when people post their music, art, photography or even epic game clips, our bot will automagically react with a ⭐. Add on your reaction star and it'll add to the poster's total count.

What can you do with these stars? Nothing!.....yet.

We've very much open to suggestions on expanding this feature and hope you enjoy what is already in place!

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