EnergeeUK Rust servers [EUK]
[EUK]PureSurvival x3
[EUK]RustyBucket X2 PVE
[EUK]RustyLake x10 Solo/Duo/Trio
[EUK]RustLands x3 PVE
[EUK]PureBuild Creative fly/god/F1 items

About Server

EnergeeUK Rust servers [EUK]
[EUK]PureSurvival x3
[EUK]RustyBucket X2 PVE
[EUK]RustyLake x10 Solo/Duo/Trio
[EUK]RustLands x3 PVE
[EUK]PureBuild Creative fly/god/F1 items

Server Website: Visit Website

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Rust server Owners websites

We offer Rust server owners some free webspace with its own cPanel and database. If your a rust server owner and would like some space join our discord and send a message to PUREJaguar

NEW PVE server RustLands

Come and join our new X3 PVE server. No Raiding/Killing Custom Maps Lots of events including an island of raidable bases JetSki's available to all Kits Skins and many more

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