?We are happy to announce the launch of the Second Earth Whitelist Events! Cool perks!

You can get whitelisted by participating in any of the following events.

? WHITELIST EVENT ONE ? 1️⃣ Discord: Level 1 2️⃣ Discord: Invite 5 Recruits

? WHITELIST EVENT TWO ? 1️⃣ Join Discord 2️⃣ 2 Server Booster to get whitelist!

?WHITELIST EVENT THREE? 1️⃣ Follow https://twitter.com/@SecondEarthDAO and https://youtube.com/@SecondEarthMetaverse 2️⃣ Like, RT and tag 3 friends (Twitter and Youtube)

?Whitelist Perks

  • Mint Presale Access
  • Mint Price Discount
  • Giveaway
  • Airdrop NFT
  • Airdrop SEM
  • Becoming A Closed Beta Tester

? Second Earth (SE) is a great metaverse and a virtual space parallel to the real world, integrating various fields of expertise, including smart blockchain, VR, AR, AI, cloud service, game and e-commerce. It's a place where you can settle down and fulfill many of your dreams which are impossible in reality,and earn.

? Vision of SE: To build a great metaverse where mind and body can be placed.

Join SE ? http://discord.gg/q67jc25Y7T Watch ? https://youtu.be/j0meoDYTUGk