Resurrección is a chill community where we enjoy anime, manga, and especially BLEACH! We aren’t Bleach fans, we’re Bleach air conditioners! You can use our vanity link to join us too :

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Resurrección is a chill community where we enjoy anime, manga, and especially BLEACH! We aren’t Bleach fans, we’re Bleach air conditioners! You can use our vanity link to join us too :

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End of year message

The staff team wishes you happy holidays! Take advantage of this period to rest and share moments with family or friends. Stay tuned for more events to come in early 2023.

Server Memes Competition

We have organized a server memes event that lasts all this week. On the agenda : good memes, happiness and even a nitro for the winner.

Discord nitro giveaways

Nitro giveaways and events as the occasion of Halloween. Art competition from which people can win a premium nitro, free nitro giveaways as well worth 5 premium nitro for free by just enrolling themselves in the giveaway Planning more events like server memes making with nitro giveaways and much more!

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