A Custom Bleach RP Server, With unique and fun Races to play as! Unique Forms and a Staff team that's more than willing to help you on your adventure! Bleach: Soul Wars is an alternate timeline Bleach, taking place after Yhwach has won the Blood War and became the new Soul King
We are an Roleplaying server which aims to follow the anime, manga and novel series of Bleach! We have a basic lore we follow. We offer 6 races in our server. What This Server Has to Offer: >> Helpful Staff members << >> RP Events and Giveaways << >> Can Develop Your Own plot! << >> Partnership << >> Story and Lore <<
Join up bleach fans! In this server you are sure to have fun. In this server we have bleach streams, bleach picture posting, cool bleach roles, and bleach brave souls. We also have lots of things to do including, waifu games, gambling, and pokemon for fun and games.
Bleach Soul Society RP, a server where you create your own story as a soul. create your own character and zanpakuto or ask someone to make you one for you~ it's not a strict server at all, but we do ask for you to stay with in the canon world of the bleach anime and manga.
A bleach roleplaying server!
This server is talking about One Piece’s games, like One Piece Bounty Rush. But not only that, our server can share stories/experiences/talk with lots of good friends and gamers, whether it's about anime/manga/games/personal life
❣️ - - - SERVER INFO - - - ❣️ - Important spaces OPEN! - Open to all! - Any literacy welcome! - No harsh restraints! SERVER DESCRIPTION : LORE