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◈ Offers a good amount of playable races. Ranging from Shinigami to Fullbringer ◈ There is a good amount of balance changes added to each race. With each race having a line of transformations while experiencing debuffs to avoid a race having a completely on fair advantage. ◈ Offers a Skill Point System, where you can gain points and actively invest them to techniques you want to gain. ◈ Once the greatest English Bleach RP, now back with brand new systems, races and powers!
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Welcome to Clorox - A Bleach Rp Clorox takes place in a universe disconnected from the one you've grown accustomed to, a universe where the laws of old don't apply, and where you can make your own history disconnected from the old world. This server was made in tribute to Raremuffin】#1606 bleach server called Clorox, and in memory of that server I've named the server Clorox. We offer - ▣ A friendly and welcoming Owner ▣ Interesting races ▣ Comprehensive Stats and Progression System ▣ Players can affect the world easily ▣ An ever changing and ever evolving server ▣ Lot's of customization