Official verified server for Xbox/Steam game Total Miner
Official verified server for Xbox/Steam game Total Miner
Welcome to Design Paradise, one of the greatest design and editing servers on Discord! You can advertise your own work, receive and give feedback, participate in contests, and so much more!
Sitio cómodo para compartir con nosotros y así fortalecernos con conocimientos que cada uno posea, aportando para una gran microcultura desde nuestro servidor. Aquí se ve mucha amistad entre la gente que juega diversos juegos, como Minecraft, Left 4 Dead 2, Roblox, entre otros.
Satsuki Universe is a chill server for discussing and critiquing entertainment media (i.e., anime, manga, and games) and aesthetics. Each week we review chapters from a manga chosen by the community. There are no NSFW channels. Join us!
We are a friendly medium sized group of artists and art enthusiasts who like to chat, play games, and joke around. Come hang out with us! Cute/soft theme, NSFW +18, friendly, English speaking.
A close, artistically focused, community on the web to share your own personal passions and share original art, writing, and photography together. Scattered with talented individuals from all across the globe, Fantasy's Illusion has become a rather unique environment, or a community you may even call it.
A server for people 15 and older who've had around 2 years of art experience or more and want to get better. All types of artists are welcome to join.
A place to develop and share ocs. All ocs are welcome, including fan ocs. All types of artists who work on characters are welcome too, including writers!
Graphic Designs related server. Buy an icon, banner, advertisement, gif as pfp or whatever you want! Worth checking out ;)
Hello and welcome! This server is based around an alternate universe for the warrior cats series. Its a place to talk about warriors, roleplay, come up with other AU's, etc. The AU is basically just warriors but rewritten! Trying not to spoil anything ill keep this vague. Sunning Rocks is shared between Thunderclan and Riverclan, Jake and Tallstar are mates and are the dads of Rusty, Nutmeg as the surrogate mother. The family tree has been fixed so there's no direct incest! The characters are alot more diverse, and minor characters get proper arcs! Come join if you're interested, or just want a fun place to hang out!!!
GAMES ⭐ ART ⭐ KPOP ⭐ ANIME ⭐ TECH ~~ Most non-toxic, positive, friendly & chill place about forging friendships. Tight-knit & wholesome/chill atmosphere. Events & Giveaways!
GAMES ⭐ ART ⭐ KPOP ⭐ ANIME ⭐ TECH ~~ Most non-toxic, positive, friendly & chill place about forging friendships. Tight-knit & wholesome/chill atmosphere. Events & Giveaways!
Share your art and find fellow artists for commissions and collaborations! Artists and Creators! We are a small community looking to grow into a larger one, to help artists and creators connect with like minded people, encourage each other in our arts, and connect artists with people looking to commission. We have: • Photographers • Writers • Painters • Designers (2D and 3D!) • Musicians and Composers • Filmographers Come share what you make :)
A server dedicated to those who are fans of the Invader Zim series created by jhonen vasquez.
Beachside Arcade is a newly founded community server, welcoming all walks of life into our group to make friends play games and have fun! We play a verity of games but the server isn't just limited to just what is listed below but is what we mostly play. Games we play * League of Legends * Paladins * Destiny 2
Welcome to Ze' Artlounge! Currently, we are a small active community that is looking to grow. Our server revolves around sharing your art and having a good time with the other server members. We can get pretty rowdy at times, but we mean no harm. ------ ♡ ------ We offer: ♡ A friendly community. ♡ A chat activity ranking system. ♡ Self-assignable roles. ♡ Several bots that you can mess around with, including NotSoBot, Tatsumaki, Pokécord and others! ♡ Role-accessible NSFW channels. ♡ Art competitions. We like to call them art jams that we host from time to time. ♡ And much more! ------ ♡ ------ Our community is centered around art, but that doesn't mean the server is exclusively about drawing. You can post photos, stories, and other forms of art as well. We're a LGBTQ+ friendly server. Even if you are not an artist you can join just to look at art or to chat with other members. We hope to see you soon!
To help in your procrastinating ways and bring a social aspect to those lonely tasks.
We’re almost at 1K members! Come help us reach that milestone! 💥
Static Space is a community for artists, designers, musicians etc where we share our work and inspire each other.
-TURKISH/TURKIYE- Çalışkan Animatörler, 24 Şubat 2018 tarihinde kurulmuş bir sanat topluluğudur. Burada animasyon, ressamlık ve grafik tasarım alanları hakkında yaptığınız çalışmaları paylaşabilir, diğer paylaşılan çalışmaları gözetleyebilir; yardım alabilir veya edebilirsiniz. Çalışkan Animatörler'in amacı Türkiye'de çok fazla öneme sahip olmayan bu alanlar üzerinde uğraşan insanları bir araya toplamak ve saygı, ahlak üzerine bir yer oluşturmaktır; ki bunu çoktan başardık, bunun kanıtı ise sunucudaki birbirinden farklı 200 üyedir. Şimdi ise sesimizi duymayan herkese kendimizi duyurmaya çalışıyoruz. Çalışkan Animatörler, her zaman iyi üyelerin ve iyi insanların yanında olur, saygıya ve seviyeye çok önem verir. Sunucunun düzenine uyan her üye bizim için çok değerlidir.
Practical FX is the first of its kind Discord server for discussing various practical effects such as body paint, prosthetics, makeup, puppets, and other forms of fooling people without CGI!
Come visit our friendly community, you just might be visiting your next favorite server for the first time. :)
Come visit our friendly community, you just might be visiting your next favorite server for the first time. :)
Comunidad de Arte | Dibujo digital o tradicional, anime o realista, diseño gráfico, animación, fotografía, escritura y otros artistas.
LGBT | Art
A safe place for the LGBTQ+ youth.
Join a laid back artist community of varying skill levels. Get feedback, critiques, and help, as well as just hang out and chat.
Artistry is a server to share your work, collaborate with others, critique others work, and more! Ages 15+ welcome, and the community is chill.
A server growing but having fun at the same time!!!
artistic server for creators and observers from every art field. pros and self-taught, emerging artists are welcome to be a part of our group!
Heya! Join us here at Casually Kawaii, a perfect mix between casual and fun! From anime to games to giveaways, we've got it all for you here!
Anime,art, games, role play,music
👾 Gaming | 🛋️ Cozy | 🤺 Mild RP | 🧑🏽‍🤝‍🧑🏼 Community | 🎨 Art Challenges We are are focusing on Art and Creativity | We play Minecraft and have other various game nights! | We are a completely new server! So come in to this squeaky clean server!! 🛁
> Over 2000 members! > 24/7 Active Voice channels, > Custom VC Leveling System > Custom Private VC Creation System > DAILY Giveaways
> Over 2000 members! > 24/7 Active Voice channels, > Custom VC Leveling System > Custom Private VC Creation System > DAILY Giveaways
This the best server to join and chat🙉🎶🎉🔴⚽️
✨✨✨Join us and have fun with other artists! If you are a beginner in art, join us and we can help teach you and get you into art! But really it doesn't matter what level of art you're at, there's always something to be learned!! ^~^ If you're interested in art, join us! We offer 🎨Anatomy Help🎨, Sever Events, Custom Roles, We even offer musical help as well from our server 🎹musicians!🎵 It doesn't matter what type of artist you are you're always welcome here in Artists Dreamland!✨✨✨ •🎨 Art 🎨 • ✨Anatomy Help✨ • 🖌Helpful Artists🖌 • ❌Hentai❌ • 🎮Gaming🎮 • 🚫NSFW Art🚫 • 🔶Custom Emotes🔶 • 🔺Custom roles🔺 • 🎉Mature Community🎉 • 🖋Self Assignable Roles🖋 • 🎊Events🎊 • 🌟Memes🌟 •💫 Everyone welcome!💫 • ✨Dedicated Artists✨ Owner - |💙Michelle Kaitlyn💙|#2682 _
Come and join the Creative Corner server! We are an art server that is growing to fit people's needs. There are many places to share your work, have conversations about creative mediums, and promote your social media with others! You can even host your own events if you so, please. Just ask me if you want to set up one! -=+Features+=- High Moderation and Strong Antiraid Bot Events/Contests Based on Your Opinions Memes Galore Including a me_irl Bot Self Promotion Section for Your Social Media Art Livestreams From Me and Members Suggestion Channel to Suggest Any Changes to The Server Writing Corner for Any Writers Out There Art Sharing and Critique Sections to Talk About and Share Art Partnerships Minecraft Server -=+=-
Furry Squad is community for People to get together and socialize.
The Creative's Workshop is a newly refurbished Discord server focused on building a friendly art community from different artists around the world. Whether you are a programmer or someone who just wants to share your sketches, this is the place for you!
Art Block is a discord server that welcomes all forms of art including but not limited to: Drawing, Painting, Cooking, Photography, Sculpting, Music, Woodworking, Erotica, Film Making, Animation, Literature, Comics, and Pixel Art. Here, you can seek criticism, beginners can ask more advanced artists for help and tips, you can showcase your art, post your art to the Public Art Gallery, ask for and provide ideas, and just talk about art (or whatever you want to). We hold art contests every month, and have game nights whenever people feel like it. The purpose of this server is to bring together artists of all kinds to create a creative environment where you can educate, influence, and socialize with others in your area of interest.
A server dedicated to the criminally underappreciated genre - sophisti-pop. We enjoy discussions about the great bands like Prefab Sprout, The Blue Nile, Sade, Tears for Fears, Roxy Music, Destroyer, Everything but the Girl, and more. Although it's a sophisti-pop focused server, we do not shy away from general music discussion like rock, punk, pop, folk, ambient, experimental, etc. We also host album exchange every week on Wednesday. If you like album recommendation and interact with new peeps, then it might interest you. Join us to discover the great genre and have fun discussing music.
Furry Fandom 10+ Lots of Channels Friendly Staff Work in Progress
The Creativity Circle is open to creators of all skill levels who want to learn together and teach each other. Our goal is to work together to fight creativity blocks of all kind (writers, artists, etc.) and turn it into a never-ending circle of productivity! We hope that you'll be willing to join and help us build a positive, motivating environment for fellow creators. We have: - Roles for many different creative pursuits (writer, artist, game dev, etc.) - Weekly/Monthly events! - Chill community