server de pokemon
Deutscher Discord Server für Gamer. Mit Musik Bots und vielen coolen Leuten.
Need a bot that pretty much rid all of those other bots that makes your server look unprofessional?
Sem pornografias
Very goodd
A community to get help for the bot and hang out. A general community starting up
bots discord bots fun active funny chil nice
Sunucumuz Klimalıdır Serin Serin Takılabilirsiniz :)
Discord Development creates Discord bots for users of Discord to enjoy!
Hello guys come on my server for gaming,social,funing all day. Hepinize selamlar herkesi sunucumuza bekletiz ve oyun oynayarak,eğlenerek gün geçirelim.
Discord Offical de Suporte da Bunitta Bot, onde você pode pedir ajudar dos membros da equipe Bunitta!
Der offizielle Discord Server vom Cookie Network
We are a new Discord server but growing day by day. We are trying to offer as much as we can to the members so people don't get bored. At the same time this is a new server so don't expect too much activity at the start.
VozLive es un servidor donde puedes hablar de cualquier cosa (Contenido NSFW incluido, pero solo en su respectivo canal) Tambien hay bots para mas diversion :D
This server is a free place where you can develop your very own discord bot! Just dm me and I can tell you how to make the discord bot, then you can test it here!
🇬🇧 English: Hey, We are a short Discord with active Users and Staff Members. We are giving you a way, to make easily Money! • Dank Memer Coin Tournaments • BIG PRIZES (At 50 Members: 10€ PSC) • Active Community & Staff Members See you there! Raamtin Discord 🇩🇪 German: Hey, Du suchst einen Discord mit aktiven Usern & Teamlern? Du möchtest einfaches Geld verdienen? Dann bist du hier richtig! Wir bieten: • Dank Memer Turniere • GROSSE PREISE (Ab 50 Mitgliedern: 10€ PSC!!) • Aktive Community mit Teamlern Wir sehen uns dort! Raamtin Discord
C'est un serveur ou toute les communautés de développeur sont invité a discuter entre eux de leur language favori, c'est le seul serveur d'apprentissage de développement en France, alors n'attendez pas plus longtemps et rejoignez-nous dès maintenant, on attend plus que vous, utiliser le language que vous voulez, il y a du choix, par exemple Il y a : -C -API Discord -Python -HTML -Ruby -PHP
hit the join to join our server
Serveur avec une très bonne ambiance^^ On discute de tout les sujet 👍 Des modos à l'écoute (modo recruté 2/3) Un serveur où l'on peut parler de tout et de rien(appart des sujets sensible) À son propre bot Best serveur
haha j'suis beau gosse
Welcome to New Los Angeles City, aka Neo Milwaukee. Gather SLIME! Join a gang! Make friends, and then kill them! It's a text-based MMORPG with a large and growing community. New features are constantly being added so get the fuck in here and see what's up.
Do you like Pokémon? So do we. Pokémize is a Pokémon Discord bot still in development. This server gives you access to beta testing and the ability to make suggestions for the bot/server. There are also official teams that have their own servers, and more will be formed as the server grows. Features: • Catching- Catch Pokémon that spawn at random! You can even catch legendaries, mythicals, and shinies! • Trading- Trade with other users to get the Pokémon you want! • Dueling- Duel with other users to show battle prowess! • Customizable profile- Customize your profile to show who you are! • Economy- A shop to buy evolution items! • And so many more features to come! Join today and start catching Pokémon.
Seri is a multipurpose bot aimed at users of all ages! Seri has over 100 commands and even features a full economy and marriage system! This is the support server for Seri and is here for you to not only be around others that really enjoy Seri but to help you with any questions or problems you may have with the bot!
Small cute server, not very big so don't expect much when you join, please stay and have a nice time ♡
Bot | Art
ELITE KINGS FAMILY Elite Kings #8P9RR92V Elite Academy #GYG2QLP2 Moe's Tavern #9JPC9J80
Kryptonite is a discord community of gamers, modders, programers and more! We also have our very own bot that you can beta test in our server and a public bot soon to come! Join our community to see all we have to offer!
Credit cards, roles, email bots, accounts, more!
Servidor Discord BF4 BR
Are you looking for a custom coded discord bot for your server and your server alone? I can make one! it can have all the features you want!! Here are some things i can do: -Credit system (Selly or coinbase) -Ticket commands -Moderation commands -Giveaways -And much more!
3300+ Members 😺 Nitro Emoji 😺 Multicultural 😺 Cats 😺 Bots & Custom Bots 😺 A friendly community made mostly to chat, make friends, play games, watch movies and have fun with any other kinds of fun events that are hosted in the server!
A kpop server, mostly BTS but we accept others
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