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Code Monkeys is a discord server dedicated to giving and receiving great help and advice for a variety of programming languages. Help us build a large and friendly community!
Code Monkeys is a discord server dedicated to giving and receiving great help and advice for a variety of programming languages. Help us build a large and friendly community!
Hi 👋 Welcome To Miqcraft Discord, JOIN NOW for more information
Serveur appartenant à YannFX.
A awesome place with unique details :D
A Discord server for Animators, Artists and VFX people! Both in 2D and 3D, we have modelling, VFX, CGI simulations, and much more!
Salve!!Se Precisar De Ajuda Só Soltar o Verbo Pra Staff
Neo Tokyo is a server dedicated to Cyberpunk, Vaporwave, Synthwave, Retrowave, Outrun, Vaporwave Aesthetics, 80s/90s Nostalgia, Retro-Futurism and to rainy Dystopian societies around the world. Currently consisting of over 800 members, the server features channels to share music, self-promotion channels, music bots and many more! Feel free to check us out!
Welcome to ROBLOX Builders! ROBLOX Builders is a server where you can meet and collaborate with Roblox developers, including builders, game designers, mesh makers or any else! In the server you have different variety things to do such as join monthly/weekly giveaways, find jobs as a builder or else, sell your creations, share, admire other and most importantly have fun :D! Our Staff Team will try it's best to keep the server as safe and friendly as possible! Show off your creations in #cool-creations, request help in one of our help channels, and most importantly, have fun! Thank you, and welcome!
Join the Lego community and have a good time!
Just a server with a little bit of everything!
Toontown (TBD) To Be Decided Is A Future Project that is going to be start developed in a year or 2 we are looking for all the help we can get to make this project a reality, we are looking for community team members, technical team members, creative team members, and moderation team members were looking for it all also looking for modelers you also don't even have to join if you don't have those skills you can join and just watch as the project hopefully gets off the foot :) ps the name isn't to be decided its TBD because there isn't a name yet.
Serveur discord officiel de la chaîne YouTube TutosWebFR où l'on publie des vidéos démo en Html CSS, et peut-être prochainement des démos pour programmer des bots discord
Developer Server for GTA V
DesignDrop is a discord server for graphic designers, illustrators, 3d artists, and more, to grow as designers. We offer a friendly community of people looking to improve and give feedback, as well as an exclusive marketplace for our members.
iSkyify is a +1,200 member Minecraft Java network of 10x game modes. Learn more at or join in and play at
IP: MC.DIVINEREALMS.US Pridružite nam se u našim avanturama! Server sadrži custom plugine, ručno izgrađenu mapu, razne evente i mini-igre! Sve što vidite na serveru je ručno izgrađeno od strane našeg Build Tima! Sta čekate? Uđite i uživajte na serveru. Verzija: od 1.7 do 1.13.x
Welcome to BeneficialCucumberP’s Nationstate Roleplay server. This server was created as a parody of sorts of Gyro’s RP server, ( While I've been in the Nation RP server business for a while, I’ve never seen anything like Gyro’s. It’s a marvel of engineering. I made it my goal to replicate, and even enhance the experience. Join me through this journey as I try my hardest to recreate the masterpiece that is Gyro’s NationRP Server.
**Hey there!** Scope GFX Buy/Sell is a GFX and VFX Advertising platform where you can go to find customers or a quality design! We have designers that Charge for their work and others that don’t but that doesn’t affect the standard of work (very good) If your worried about the safety of a money transaction with a designer or customer your covered with Scope GFX Terms of Service which means that if their is any issues with a transaction involving **money** we will make sure you get your money back! Our designers can make nearly anything and always at a low price! ———————————— Join here: ————————————
German Discord Community | 70+ Member | Gaming, Design, Music, Technic
『✨ Welcome to Graphic Design! ✨』 Welcome to the official Graphic Design discord server where we mainly focus on designing and artwork. But there's also something to do for everyone. •😂 Meme channels. •🎤 Multiple voice chats. •🎉 Fun events. •🎨 Art channels. •🎵 Music channels and much more! Server Invitation-Link: 🔗 []
Graphics Central is dedicated towards graphic design. We offer channels in which you can request or offer either free or paid graphics. We also offer help channels if you need help with your project, you can come chill in our voice chats or just talk in our general chat. We are always adding new features and would love for you to come join and even suggest edits or suggest a new feature. Hope to see you soon :)
We've created this server for people who (want to learn) code and design. We are trying to build up a close community with people who want to help and learn from each other. An explaination of how everything works will be shown to you in the join channel
This is a design-related server owned by Killer(me). I've worked for tens of people including MyUsernamesThis the popular youtuber/streamer. If you're intrested in purchasing a gfx/UI here's the place to go.
Chat, build, and get help from other developers!
zTrackz Community in this Community you can get scripts from Void Script Builder (Roblox) or trade scripts! We do giveaways too! Oh and soon we will make a channel of Designers.
A friendly community of nerds, artists, and gamers, run by a travelling hippie indie developer, Rinabow. Come in and share some of your art, photos, crafts, or game dev projects. Our community keeps a generally chill and open environment. Our community owner is also a solo developer behind a 2D platformer known as Floating Wonderland, so this will also serve as an "official" community for that game.
Design Lab is a server built fundamentally on creative learning and making friends. Here you can find almost everything you need to fulfill your creative needs. Not to mention our awesome monthly contests and giveaways! Win some awesome premium graphics. Top notch, I tell ya! It's basically heaven, let's be real. Spread the word, stay a while, tell your mum!
BEYOND aesthetic. Aesthetic community for chill people. Sign up for a Gallery on our Gallery Server! Aesthetic reaction roles & Channel variety! Welcome 友達.
Kidney's Emotes is an emote server full of aesthetic emotes that might please you.
Join our server if you want to become an amazing 3d artist for the video game and VFX industries.
A discord server for a project that is growing. // We need staffs on our discord
Hello there, are you looking for a server that offers all kinds of graphics, models, and designs? Well then you should check out Cam Designs! Cam Designs is a small business that offer their quality products for cheap prices. --------------------------------------------------------------- About us ✅ Cheap Prices ✅ Quick, Responsive staff ✅ Non-Toxic ✅ High quality product ✅ Active community! ✅ Giveaways ✅ Applications for DEV, MOD, ADMIN ✅ MUCH MORE! -------------------------------------------------------------- Join us to see what we offer! Join now to get your product that will tailor to your needs! Hope to see you soon!
A server for people looking to join a game dev team.
Javascript focussed game development
Community Curated Emote Server for Nitro Users.
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