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This is a market, now not a real market a fictional one where you make your own company (or join someone elses) and make products. It's perfect for people into graphical designing and people who love and understand tech, our community around the server is like one big family.
For all the pastel princesses out there who love pastel colours! we are a friendly community with so many happy faces around our small server! it's LGBTQ+ friendly and we support anyone with a lovely personality
Um servidor dedicado a recriar ocs,videos,cenas e edits de gacha
Laidback vaporwave aesthetics! ⛱ Good vibes only, have a good time. 🎆 Explore and express your creativity. ツ ══════ ೋღ ♡///♡ ღೋ ══════ ✾ 24/7 vaporwave radio & lofi radio ✾ react channel lets you choose your roles ✾ trusted aesthetic channels ✾ upload your aesthetics folders ✾ aesthetics webhook channels ✾ high quality good vibes community
Welcome to Xulo PPT Community! Here you can post designs from PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, even web designs! You can post every design from every program you made in here! :)
This is a discord server primarily for sharing your super Mario maker 2 levels. Although we have a tone of other activities such as Uno, Blackjack, and more. This server is a great idea to join if you want to boost the popularity of your levels!
Retrouvez sur ce serveur les créations d'Adri526, artiste 2D / 3D, postez les vôtres, et recevez des retours !
Content/media based server revolving around general art and design. The aim is obliqueness and obscurity.
Comunidade Portuguesa de Jogos
Melbourne based design company that can bring your ideas to life. We create logos, banners, flyers, posters, book covers, website, etc. Join for a quote
Toontown (TBD) To Be Decided Is A Future Project that is going to be start developed in a year or 2 we are looking for all the help we can get to make this project a reality, we are looking for community team members, technical team members, creative team members, and moderation team members were looking for it all also looking for modelers you also don't even have to join if you don't have those skills you can join and just watch as the project hopefully gets off the foot :) ps the name isn't to be decided its TBD because there isn't a name yet.
The Poster Network is a server dedicated to the discussion of movie posters, film & television, and media servers!
Compre e venda de produtos de design
Royal Team Fortza numaru 1
Free cook group for supreme Nike Adidas etc,
This is the place where you learn to code, although this should not be your primary source of learning how to code. For all things code. If you would like to let me add a coding language, give me the language in the suggestions channel, and I will see what I can do.
. ★ .We are a growing Graphics Team which has amazing and extraordinary people as we give feedbacks, resources, useful tips to enhance your skill for designing, you are even able to participate in contests to become the best of the best. ☆ .
Weekly giveaways with fun emotes to use
Well, You're here! We are a Community of Visual/Graphic artist(s) from around the Globe sharing Knowledge and works at one place " CRΞΛTIVΞ DUNGΞON " We do have Collection of GFX Materials or Elements. Come, Hang-out with us! Be a Part of our Wonderful Fam. Share your Artwork, Photography, Videography and Even Blog. Make us Feel like in "Surreal world"
We are community server 💬 and we have givaways 🎉 on Spotify and NordVPN there is no rules 🍾 only one No NSFW 🚫
86Designs is a new founded Design Company. We design Logos, Headers, Simple Websites and more you might need for branding! We have experienced Designers and nice people. We are 100% Safe.
Hey! This is the discord server for my Graphics business called WCM Graphics. I sell Photoshop Logo Templates, Custom Logos/Graphics and Esport Logos for low prices, we're adding new content daily! Join my discord and also check out my store. https://shoppy.gg/@WCMGraphics
Just a fun cool server
A place for chilled out discussion about publishing shirts and merchandise online. We have channels for Merch by Amazon, Kindle Direct Publishing, Etsy, Redbubble, and more.
A server for builders and beginners to learn to build. Feedbacks, opinions, admirations, yearly game jams, useful plugins to use and tons more activities to do. Perfect for builders to chill and learn.
Salut ! 👋 ➡ Le serveur discord Nearly Graphic's est un serveur communautaire de graphisme ! 🔗 Le(s) lien(s) d'invitation : https://discord.me/nearlygraphics / https://discord.gg/nBqDXV5
Come one come all to discuss art and share your work! Fully customizable server with myriad roles, rss feeds from the art world, a channel for each creator type including photography, videography, illustration and even cooking! Come share with the community, get constructive feedback, learn tips from masters of their craft. Challenge prizes, reputation awards, and fun bots. Enjoy your stay!
Mapping (Level Design) server for everyone who interested in Cube Engine family.
A server for people looking to join a game dev team.
Drift Kingz is a multi gaming server
White Elk is a game developer based in Los Angeles. We have shipped Eclipse: Edge of Light and Covert.
『✨ Welcome to Graphic Design! ✨』 Welcome to the official Graphic Design discord server where we mainly focus on designing and artwork. But there's also something to do for everyone. •😂 Meme channels. •🎤 Multiple voice chats. •🎉 Fun events. •🎨 Art channels. •🎵 Music channels and much more! Server Invitation-Link: 🔗 [https://discord.gg/9Mk3V3W]
This is a server for the lucasis devs. Also feel free to check it out.
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a helpful Cinema 4D community