Tired of playing with bad players? Join our Warzone LFG server! All player's kds are verified through our bot. Our Warzone LFG server is always improving and adding features daily.
Tired of playing with bad players? Join our Warzone LFG server! All player's kds are verified through our bot. Our Warzone LFG server is always improving and adding features daily.
Here at Space Esports we host tournaments and other events for multiple games across multiple platforms in multiple regions of the world. We also are home to a very talented stream team and strong community of followers. We are currently live doing events in Overwatch , Call of Duty , and Dead by Daylight .
بروجيكت أرابيآ تخيل، إبدع، كن التغيير الذي تريده || تواصل، نسق، إنتصر بروجيكت أرابيا، هو مشروع عمل تطوعي غير ربحي على شكل مجتمع لاعبي الكومبيوتر الشخصي من متحدثي اللغة العربية مختص في الرياضة الإلكترونية وتوفير كلاً من الخوادم الرسمية والمختصة وكذلك الأنشطة والفعاليات الجماعية لتلبية متطلب تمثيل محاكاة الحياة الواقعية وتوفير تجربة لعب جذابة في مجال تقمص لعب دور الشخصية التي تملك قصة وحكاية خاصة بها. كذلك متطلب بيئة الحرب الواقعية ومحاكاة عمليات الحرب المشتركة ذات الإمكانيات المتعددة التي تعتمد على التواصل والتنسيق للوصول إلى النصر. كل ذلك في نطاق متزن بين المحاكاة والسلاسة في اللعب هنا نركز على توفير البيئة الملائمة للاعب العربي، الفرق العربية، وكافة التكتلات المجتمعية الأخرى كونهم العمود الفقري لمجتمع اللاعبين في عالمٍ رحب، حيث الإبداع والخيال الواقعي اللامحدود. كذلك نركز على جذب السيناريوهات الواقعية لخلق تجربة سينمائية للكل. بروجيكت أرابيا موجه للذين يريدون الخوض في الصخب والإثارة في عالم المغامرات
This is a RocketLeague focused server if u enjoy rocketleague and are looking for teammates join this server
Structure eSport - Association loi 1901
Breakdown eSports is a community oriented organization with Rocket League teams. If you are looking to up your game and meet others who are as driven and as passionate about doing so, then join today! We host giveaways, scrims, tournaments, streams, and tryouts.
Oceanic discord server for AOE II. We are a friendly bunch, are very active and hold the occasional tournament and IRL events
Looking for friends to play PS4 games with? By friends I mean good friends, because this server is a community/family and everyone who wants to chill, have fun, play games, is more than welcome! The server is set up with channels for games: Black Ops 4, GTA, Apex, Overwatch and more. If you don’t play the game, which means not having the role for the game, you won’t see the channel and get “spammed’’ by messages about a game you don’t play. Besides gaming we talk about life, laugh about memes/jokes, send dog pics etc Come join us!
Rolve discord team link: https://discord.gg/8dekzD8
New Esports team looking for players in a bunch of games such as Rainbow six siege, Call of Duty, Gears of war, and more to come.
Somos una comunidad de jugadores hispanohablantes que buscan generar una ambiente de comodidad y diversión para todo aquel que quiera entrar a nuestro servidor. Somos gente buena onda y divertida.
Initio is an Esports Organization that is building a community of streamers, content creators and teams. Our goal is to build a positive community and allow people a space to co op, play together, hang out and cheer for our teams! We are seeking to be filled with a large community who all together are following the same guidelines in life and building a similar mentality of non toxic environment, while promoting a healthy way of gaming through positive thinking and behavior.
ברוכים הבאים לקהילת הריינבו הישראלית
CSGO, Minecraft, FiveM community
A great discord for those people who wish to play 1v1's, Zone Wars, Turtle Wars, Customs etc.
Kipplooh's CSGO Gaming Bar
Gaming Community with rank structure and competitive teams
Gamla gubbar, nya legender
An CS:GO community focused in connecting purely English speaking players to enhance the CS experience.
High Octane Esports is a online Esports community looking for online gamers looking to take there competitiveness to the next level !
This is the Looking For Gamer’s discord server. Need help trying to pass a level, Need help trying to rank up, Need help getting dragon armor, Need help to complete challenges. This is the place you can get the help you need.
Tournament Kings is an online esports tournament platform that lets you compete with anyone in the world, kick ass, and get paid to do it.
Welcome to The PWR League! This server is currently for Rocket League and CS:GO League. More games might come in the future! We're open for players, Teams and Orgs from anywhere to join in on the action.
Welcome to the Game On server listing! This server is a server that people can compete on multiple games and be in a team with other gamers.
Are you a passionate and competitive Nintendo Switch Gamer? You have come to the right place. Here you will find awesome tournaments in Pokemon, SNES and much more! Join us now! Website: https://switch-tournaments.com
Just a growing gaming community.
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DarckHack community server
The Gaming Lounge is a place for all types of people to chill and hang out, no matter what games you like playing, you're welcome here. We've got some fun bots and lots of channels + rewards for you. So what are you waiting for? Come join the Gaming Lounge today!
gaming team, recruiting fortnite players. pro&casual players good or bad etc etc
Spectre7 Community Hub is the best community in the WORLD!! We welcome all members interested in gaming! This server includes :Gaming! :Friendly staff and owners! :Caring community! :Friendly and active members! Fun bots we have! - Pokecord - Rythem - IdleRPG What we have to offer! - Giveaways - Active members - Staff positions We hope to be the best community within gaming! We are also looking for staff and active members as well! Well what are you waiting for!?
Team Volted CSGO is the CSGO branch of Team Volted. We are looking for new members in our clan, and in future, for our teams!
Hallo User! Wir sind der Dead Monkeys Multigaming Clan und möchten uns gerne im Spiele Bereich aufbauen: - Rainbow Six Siege - CS:GO Wir freuen uns schon auf dich!