18+ - dedicated music channels - voice channels - roleplay - giveaways - pokemon bot - active
18+ - dedicated music channels - voice channels - roleplay - giveaways - pokemon bot - active
We're a stupid group of friends that shit on each other but always in jest. We can be kinda blunt but no toxic juvenile bullshit will be tolerated. Come in and insert yourself into the conversation you socially inept fuck its not that hard. Sometimes we play games join in on that too!
At Hyperplex you can meet new people, play games, socialize, participate in events and receive the latest gaming news. HPX spans across both PC and XBOX but may also expand into PS4 and Switch in the future. We primarily focus on Looter Shooters and RPGs. The games we play are Destiny 2, Borderlands 3, Monster Hunter World and PUBG. Also check out our website at https://myhyperplex.com
Ceci et-un discord ou nous fessons des parties de Prop Hunt, Murder, Guess Who, Slashers n'hésitez a venir vous allez vous amusez
Welcome Adventurer to the World of Áedán; the world is in turmoil and the nations are rumbling with anticipation for the new war. Great evils are beginning to sprout around the world; the undead marching from the north-west. We need you to protect the people and save the world.... or doom it. - Levels that go up as you roleplay and be active. - D&D Character in-discord, Roll20, D&Dbeyond, Dicecloud and more! - Parties for those who wish to do normal D&D, all of which can interact with each other. - Create your own nation, add to the world lore and history. Design your own artifacts and even deities. - Public Voting and Suggestions for input of the masses. - Custom Lore and World to play in. Whether you're looking for Adventure, Drama, or just some casual roleplay; Áedán has it all.
Casual Collective is a purposely small group for PC gamers over the age of 25 who are interested in becoming part of a tight-knit group of people who play a variety of games together. If you enjoy trying out new games often with other people, this is the place for you! Come chat and play some coop games with us! We have our own modded Minecraft server too!
Сервер для Фералов, под руководством Лиса - для Русско-говорящих , и тех кому нравятся фералы, и кто чувствует себя им. (У нас тихо и спокойно). Сервер как Лес тёмный и потому странный и непонятный , зверям нечего бояться другим лучше не идти.
Brand New | NSFW | Anime | Loving Community | No BS | 16+
The Ultra-Friendly Frens Club is a wholesome yet awesome server where a certain wholesome individual gathers his true supporters in true harmony and peace.
~Welcome to Cloud Nine~ This sever was only recently created so bear with us! ~Everyone and anyone is welcome here!~ Please be considerate to others in the server and follow our rules! We are wanting to become fairly active, so try to be as active as you can. This server was created as a community hub of sorts, where people can make new friends and talk about topics they love/enjoy
Welcome to Antidote 18+ We offer active general chat, our own custom bots, currency, shop, gambling and roles! Join our friendly community, participate in our events and win real prizes, share your art, join our private Minecraft server and much more!
Welcome to Antidote 18+ We offer active general chat, our own custom bots, currency, shop, gambling and roles! Join our friendly community, participate in our events and win real prizes, share your art, join our private Minecraft server and much more!
Welcome, enjoy your stay
Seever with Memes, D&D, Gaming, chill chat rooms, Art, and even some NSFW mature channels. Customize what you see by requesting for specific roles
This is a lighthearted, but heavy at times chat discord for people with Bipolar Disorder and BPD.
A Discord server created specifically for Roblox players that are over the age of 18. Our aim is to get the community together and make it easier for players to play their favorite games with people closer to their age.
Discord Growth | Free Discord Server Advertising For Everyone!
A place away from all the assholes. We focus primarily on reality, which includes the things you don't believe in.
Nice fun server for anyone who just wants to sit back and chill, make new friends, 18+
A new server with only 5 rules and very high tolerance ! Everyone is welcome we are not judging anyone and allowing pretty much everything except few small things. :)
Welcome to ᗷᒪᑌᖴᖴ 🌹 ! ⦿ We are a hangout server with chill rules that has tons to offer. Socializing, Events & Giveaways, Economy, Bots and much more. You can meet new friends, make enemies, or just talk to random people. Invite your friends for a better experience. Check out our Features!
ERP Allowed in certain channels Small Growing Community Mature Content...18 & UP ONLY
Hello your probably wondering what is yana well it stands for You Are Not Alone. Our mission is to help or support you in any way we can. We are a friendly and accepting Coumminty of people we don't discriminate anyobe no matter race, sex, political party or age. We are simply here for your needs.
This is a server made for people who don't want to be alone. This is a small server so far that is just starting out. Everything is being implemented into the server over time, but please join and have a good time!
✔ Freeform AND System Specific Group Games ✔ Judgement free NSFW Zone. ✔Relaxing game zone. ✔Short and Long term gaming areas. ✔Open staff positions - including Admins!
Money drops and paid money options for Gta online
Lunarium is a Discord server aimed towards having debates and (not always) mature conversation. We have simple rules, General Chat, Music, NSFW, Memes, Gaming, Shit Talking channels, and 1 on 1 voice/party chats for you and your egirls/eboys. (If you're easily offended, this isn't the server for you)
16 + clan, friendly, events, bring your buddies, we gotta make this bad boy grow so we can dominate servers, we will become the ultimate gaming group. Hierarchy system and events coming soon, hop on in!
Femdom Cuddles is for members over the age of 18+ but is not NSFW focused. We are brand new and looking to grow into a wholesome, welcoming community. What we offer: 🤗 Wholesome cuddles from the best mommies around 💍 Waifu claiming bot, as well as other bot games 🎮 Gaming channels/roles to find your perfect gaming buddy 🤝 Partnerships (with a respective partner ping, so no excessive pinging) 🔞 Small NSFW section for.. l-lewd times. 🤙 Looking for staff and partner managers.
Division 2 aswell as a Elder Scrolls Online guild as of now, but might grow into even more games sooner or later!
This is a Community for Barotrauma.
Nous sommes ravis de vous accueillir sur la Cordillère ! Le serveur est récent, dédié au BDSM en général: bondage, fétichismes, domination/soumission etc... Les règles de conduite sont libertines, les discussions frivoles, la modération dévergondée !
E-girls Selfies NSFW (over 18 only) verified only lobbies
Welcome to our new 18+ only server dedicated to BDSM, DDLG/DDLB, ABDL, and more. We are of course LGTBQ+ friendly. New Members have the ability to choose their own roles, server nickname, and server name colour is coming soon! We have many roles available to choose from with more getting added every day. Racism, kinkshaming, bodyshaming, as well as other forms of bullying will not be tolerated in this server.
We are Outrun. We are the future. The bright florescent lights attract anyone. The clubs are lively, the concerts are the best, the food is brilliant and the people are the kindest. The metropolis controls minds into thinking everything is okay, but is it really? This is something for you to find out. This is a task for you. Will you rebel against the metropolis, or will you join them? Either way, we have skyskrapers that go above the clouds and carry on into a seemlingly other demention. Do you want to sit back and relax, or do you want to uncover the secrets of this futuristic city? Join us. You will not regret. That is our promise to you.
A small server out of the southwest U.S. for the grown-ups with few rules, few roles, all chill. Gaming, Science, Technology, Paranormal.
Welcome to our [DoD] Gaming Community Discord server! We are a Certifed Military/Civilian Gaming Community.We Support the USO & VA. We Orginated from PC Delta Force Series in 1998. We are cross platform PC,XBox,PS. COME JOIN A COMMUNITY WITH A PURPOSE!
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