Special Armed Services (SAS) is a Foxhole Colonial's Clan. This is a public server with private operations. Players can request access to join the internal clan by taking tests for different jobs. Feel free to join and talk with the clan and others to organize smaller operations or to use our resources.
Home of British Army eSports
Army Led by Xing, Brownpen, Micderper, Mythic, and Zacus
The Kurokami Empire is a roleplaying community made for anyone who wants to broaden their horizons, meet new people, have new experiences and learn the dynamics of clanworlds. Kurokami is a safe and semi-sheltered community for roleplayers to learn and make friends. Although all ages are welcome, immature or inappropriate behaviors or prohibited.
Its Not About Winning or Losing... Its About the Brother Next to You!.. |BoW| is commanded by Tophi |BoW| is a Brotherhood as well as a competitive Battlefield
A place for current, former, and future sailors to hang out or ask questions
a server for a roblox game
Ynamreg is an imperialistic country with the intent to dominate all other nations and spread it's organized religion titled "Mikeism".
DISTOPIA SCUM - Server Brasil - PING BR IP Server: Discord: https://discord.gg/distopiascum
A Hearts of Iron: IV community centered around connections and session hostings.
Bienvenue à Tiliam Ce continent divisé par une guerre de 3 factions rivales fait rage depuis des millénaires, des combats sans fin entre ces factions ont fait rage, mais depuis maintenant 10 années une guerre froide s'est installée mais cette tranquillité est très fragile... Vous êtes membre d'une des factions faites bien votre choix vous devrez défendre son honneur à tout prix ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬
C'est un serveur RP français, sur le thème de la guerre, royaume, etc... Venez le découvrir avec nous !
The year is 1700, Europe has been going through a lot of progress, and many countries are expanding, such as Russia, Prussia, Austria and the others ! Today, is the day where you can expand as those countries, expand as minor countries as well, research, discover, colonize ! Develop your country!
- section23 - we are a dayz modded server. come check us out
Deutsch Gaming Millitärränge
In 1492, a Spanish-based transatlanticexpedition led by Italian explorer Christopher Columbus encountered the Americas continents, which were unknown in Europe, Asia and Africa and were outside the Old World political and economic system. In this server, you can play as a nation or explorer.
This is a Futuristic war clan for Roblox.
Hello! We are a Small ROBLOX Clan Looking to recruit new soldiers to join us with our missions, We are somewhat RP Based and use Unbelievaboat for currency and shops. Every person that joins is immediately welcomed and we include every member in every activity or event we take part in! Hope you enjoy what we do and have fun working for the U.O. Special Agent Forces!
Сервер посвященный играм компании Wargaming. World of Tanks, World of Warships, World of Warplanes, World of Tanks Xbox/PS4, Калибр, World of Tanks Blitz, World of Warships Blitz.
Looking to get active tarkov players into one place to interact, play, and grow together! 1. We offer instructors to mentor new players 2. we have 24/7 activity 4.EU welcome! 3. We have trustworthy, reliable, and helpful staff. come on in, all are welcome!
BAR | Beyond All Reason RTS We're actively developing the ultimate Realtime Strategy Game (we think). As a new iteration, originally coming from Total Annihilation and Balanced Annihilation Remodeled, we are now a tight team of passionate people that are working hard towards a robust, stable and ultimate RTS experience that both has depth and is super fun to play. Based on the SpringRTS engine, maximized in quality and speed for the next generation to come, we think BAR really has all the key features to give every player a unique and foremost fun experience, everytime they play. From the Team | Have Fun and really consider taking part on this journey. Share constructive feedback, suggestions, ideas or actually anything that might contribute to an even better game! Also check out the BAR website: https://www.beyondallreason.info/
Hello and welcome to **STALINGRAD 1942**! This server is dedicated to fans of history, reenactment, and gaming. We mainly focus on the eastern front in here, but other fronts/theatres of war are welcome as well, as long as it is World War II.
Welcome to The Soviet Union server. Here is the main channel, so join.
[Xbox] Professional Star Wars Battlefront 2 Military Simulator | 501st, 212th, 104th, 327th
A big military focused on air combat through Carrier Landings HD and Gunship III, and more Air combat games
Hub for COD MW in oceanic region Feel free to join and find a squad DISCORD LINK BELOW https://discord.gg/fXnHavj
A fantasy, steampunk, magic, and dieselpunk roleplay server where you can be part of the storyline or do your own thing!
Os presento aquí el nuevo Servidor Oficial de Call of Duty Modern Warfare España de Discord. Ahora mismo esta en proceso de mejora e implementacion de bots. Pero aseguramos que pronto sera uno de los mejores y mas grandes de la comunidad! No dudes en unirte y ver como progresa y crece gracias a gente como vosotros. Siempre habrá buen ambiente y gente con quien jugar. Ademas tienes tus secciones por modo de juego y según tu proporción K/D. INVITACIÓN: https://discord.gg/5BCnTTW Tags: Call of Duty Modern Warfare COD MW Discord Servidor España Español
Hearts of iron / Stellaris/ Europa / Imperator / Csgo / Fps / Strategy
Glory to Ireland! Visit a brand new, revolutionary ro-nation set in the 1940’s. After a successful revolt from the British Homeland, we Irish are staying together under our elected Governor General, passing bills and improving the homeland each day. Come join the group! You know you won’t want to miss this.
Knight is a Pro Traditional server and Pro European. We talk about Politics , Games and Memes. All Ideologies are accepted.
Discord oficial del juego World Titans War Official Discord of the game World Titans War
Welcome to the Dwarf Army, we are a new group hiring HRs and devs. We are a ranking group so you train and fight to rank up! This group is taken seriously and if you wish to join you must be respectful. Join us and fight against those who wish evil on our people!
A chill server without the BS.
I'm shy to write description
Hello, My name is Jordan, I'm the owner of the New American Militia. We are a group of highly trained individuals with military-grade weapons and vehicles. We are waiting for people to join, chat, and game with new people wanting to fight in our clan/militia, we are here to support each other and get through tough gaming battles with heavy firefights and tactical gameplay, other than gaming we also do airsoft IRL where we become really tactical and sometimes crazy, so we have many opportunities to have lots of fun together and have the time of our lives! (This server is a part of the South-Side Reapers Discord Server!) >>-- What do we have here? --<< — Active & Respectful Staff! — Self-assignable Roles! — Social Media Advertising! — IRL Events! — Never-Ending Fun!