Enter the company where the BOFH and the PFY works in and take sneak peeks into the commsroom.
Enter the company where the BOFH and the PFY works in and take sneak peeks into the commsroom.
Development, Support, LSPDFR, FiveM, GTA, Modding
The Head Administration of Infinity RolePlay is proud to announce that we are opening our doors to the public, we are looking for you to become a member of our family. The departments that we currently have to offer are: SAHP LSPD BCSO SAFD - Fire & EMS SACD - Communications COSA - CIV We dedicate ourselves to providing a realistic roleplay experience for everyone. One of the main ways of achieving that is by ensuring that we have an extremely dedicated Staff and Administration team.
꧁To The Stray Dogs ꧂ ✦ A roleplaying community based off the wonderful anime 'Bungou Stray Dogs' We offer a fun/safe/interesting environment that allows Roleplayers and Non-Roleplayers alike to discuss the show/manga as well as roleplay their very own storyline! We are a very accepting community and are looking for equally enthusiastic people to join us!✦ ★ What we offer! ★ ⋆ Ocs! ⋆ In-character chat (Crack) ⋆ Multiple Roleplaying channels ⋆ Voice/Music Channels ⋆ In-show chats ⋆ Artwork sharing! ⋆ WE NOW HAVE A MAIN STORY LINE Come on in! Make yourself at home!
Long after Firestar blazed his way through the forest, making him nothing more than a nursery tale. The clans are still thriving, till one day they weren't. As of recent cats have been seemingly disappearing without a trace,.....
Um pouco sobre o servidor, Empregos Forças Policiais: PSP | PJ | GNR | Exército Português . Facções Criminosas: Familia Bonanno | Talivas | MS13 Servidor aberto no dia 21/03/2020, e está à 3 dias consecutivos full (32/32 slots). RP Sério, 125 mil euros iniciais, A cidade de Babilônia oferece o melhor para o melhor!
What are we? CCRP is a realistic role play community. We are a Illinois based friendly public community that is in search of good players like you. We are a menu based server that uses vMenu, CAD, EUP, dedicated online 24/7, We Use Teamspeak, Custom Cars. Consistently adding more! Cook County RP 4 Join Our Teamspeak 1 Join our discord 8 Our Goal Our goal is to RP realistically and to have fun doing it at the same time. We are currently hiring for all departments and have a HUGE opportunity for growth. What departments do we offer? Chicago Police Department Cook County Sheriff Illinois State Police Chicago Fire Department Active Dispatch Civilian Operations Who are we looking for? Communications Director Civilians CCPD ISP CCS + Law Enforcement Officers Fire/ EMS Tow Truck operators Staff+ Admins CCRP Server Discord
This is a 5e D&D server! Come join us for some magical Roleplay! Always looking for more Dungeons Masters! We are a weed-friendly server, we also have a ton on meme's up and we play almost daily! Come be apart of our family! There are going to be NSFW content in this server, please try to be 18+. Other than that we welcome you to our community!
A totally non-cannon Fullmetal Alchemist rp server. Come and create your own stories within Amestris and form friendships and rivalries along the way.
Rider Time was created on April 6th 2019 and since then has remained consistently active with regular updates as well as an incredibly active staff. Our server is primarily for roleplay, but we have an active community around fan theories, art, gaming and many other things! In short, there is a bit of everything for anyone and our channels are set up in such a way you can ignore roleplay on this server, if you so wish! While we understand there’s many Kamen Rider servers out there, we would be honored if you were to join our community and help spread the Kamen Rider love with us! Many of us don’t have irl friends that love Kamen Rider, so, more company is always welcome! Plus, we’re sponsored by Z A I A and have the freshest Gai memes. In addition to the features not listed here, we have a Minecraft server, VRchat adventures, Cards Against Humanity fun and plenty of other things on our server! We really don’t stick to just one thing here... XD
Midnight Menagerie is an immersive, member-driven, literate RP community with stories in the supernatural, fantasy, and horror realms.
Midnight Menagerie is an immersive, member-driven, literate RP community with stories in the supernatural, fantasy, and horror realms.
World of Marin is a Medieval Low-Fantasy Discord that relies on YOUR contributions to our well 5 year old, fleshed out and completely interactive world!
The Balion Fyrd is a M&B II: Bannerlord clan founded in February 2020. We strive to facilitate a fun and relaxed but semi-serious and disciplined clan focused around three types of play styles (regular battle, competitive, and roleplay). Whether you're into e-sport style competitive gameplay or roleplaying in a persistent world type server, in BFyrd you're in good company.
Things you will see here: •Fun custom roles •Friendly and fair staff •User friendly bots •Organized and detailed channels •A variety of rank choices •Intricate plots •Semi-literate roleplaying
Un servidor de League of Legends con temática de roleplay (cafetería). Hecho principalmente para los mains Teemo, pero cualquiera es bienvenido.
Welcome to Unnamed RP we are a serious menu based role play community with friendly staff that have had countless years experience handling communities with officers at the same levels of experience, with the high level of interactivity with the community, you’ll never get bored, we are absolutely sure you will have the best time here, and if you don’t, let us know what we are doing wrong.
An RPG-server inspired by Persona, Pokemon, and Dragon Quest combat systems. Enter the world of the Supernaturals and save the world together!
Welcome to Puzzle Island! Here is a Pokémon paradise filled with trainers from all over where you can socialize with, battle and live amongst everyone! We have everything from gens 1-8 on the island in regards to pokemon, and cannon character AND OC Rp'ers are welcome!
Open world text based RP
--------------------- Welcome to San Andreas RolePlay Community! --------------------- We are a Xbox GTA5 RolePlay comuntiy based in the UK, here to make ROLEPLAYS on Xbox be best they possibly can! We have fully set out training sessiona Custom CAD integrated into our discord for ease of use. We have over 100 roles/jobs so you can pick what you like. We have a civ ranking system. No Fail RP To join please click the link below and head over to fill out an application!! https://discord.gg/7NBucUQ
Cottonwood is a town set inside Douglas County, Colorado, in 2020. In this world, monsters exist, monsters like vampires, demons, and werewolves, and the population knows this, After their discovery years ago, all their rights were stripped away, and the people were indoctrinated in the belief that all monsters were evil and lifeless, and are creations of the devil. These monsters are hunted down by police, raids occur almost every week, it is a true nightmare for anyone that is a monster, but they keep going, with the hope that one day, things will be better.
A Custom Bleach RP Server, With unique and fun Races to play as! Unique Forms and a Staff team that's more than willing to help you on your adventure! Bleach: Soul Wars is an alternate timeline Bleach, taking place after Yhwach has won the Blood War and became the new Soul King
cidade realista roleplay - MTA FiveM
The Last Packs are the last three wolf packs on earth. A long time ago humans wiped out most of the wolf species except for the Haven Pack, Lost Pack, and Shadow Pack. The three packs have been at peace from humans for years only fighting among themselves, but that is about the change. The humans are becoming very close to finding the three packs and finishing what they started. These three packs aren’t normal packs. The Haven Pack is full of only wolves with wings. The Shadow Pack is full of dire wolves and the Lost Pack is full of both. The Haven Pack and Shadow Pack are enemies while the Lost Pack is stuck in the middle trying to stay out of the fight while at the same time keeping the two packs from killing one another. Which pack will you choose? Features: Role-Play Lore Friendly and Active Staff Events You can make your character look interesting while still staying in the lines of realistic wolves. Sixteen different settings to role-play in.
Rp server in a Medevil world
Hello, join now for roleplay or just to talk! What is here? -drama -Vampires -werewolves -Fairys -humans -witches -shapeshifters + more added soon, i'm also taking suggestions!
Le serveur 💕 Love Dating 💕 ouvre enfin ses portes ! Grâce à nos nombreux salons personnalisés, vous accèderez à un monde rempli de bonne humeur, de rencontres, et qui sait, peut-être un peu d'amour 😉... N'hésitez pas à nous rejoindre, avec un staff réactif et à l'écoute, tout sera mis en place pour que chacun d'entre vous se sente bien chez nous ! À bientôt sur : 💕 Love Dating 💕 !
This is a RP server for the mobile game Girls' Frontline developed by MICA team. We are a friendly community with options to RP as a OC, Original Girls' Frontline G&K characters, SF characters, and third party character such as KCCO.
The Life of America is a RP server were you take the life of a normal American, you can work, go to school, get in a relationship, socialize and use social media!
This is a German PS4 gta5 Roleplay server
Do you watch Emergency 4 roleplay on YouTube? Do you wish you could make videos on YouTube or live stream on Twitch like them? Well you can at Global Emergnecy Service is the one for you! You can promote your YouTube channel or Twitch in our server while recording in it. Come be the biggest YouTuber or Streamer today and join our server to get you in ASAP! https://discord.gg/4mfNZVA * Must be 16 to join Department Status: LFB: Open London Ambulace Serivce: Open London Fire Brigade: Open Dispatcher: Open
Sometimes it gets a bit lonely in the wasteland, don't you think? Well this community is here to help! We love making new friends along the way and battling all challenges and creatures that face us. It's all part of a Journey. We hope to see you around!
An RP server based on the Overwatch universe, we look for active and sociable roleplayers
Series List: Yugioh Naruto/Boruto Bleach Dragon Ball One Piece Demon Slayer Hunter X Hunter Black Clover My Hero Academia JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Demon Slayer
Mal Carnum is an AU My Hero Academia RP server where you can either be a student and attend the prestigious hero school, Mal Carnum, located in the newly rebuilt city of Tokyo, a hero roaming the streets and putting their life on the line for the well being of the citizens, a vigilante that operates differently from the heroes or you can be a villain trying to rise to power and take over the city and if that doesn't fancy you, you can just be a regular civilian. - The server runs on a dice based combat system, slightly similar to DnD, where dice rolls decide the flow of combat - There is a unique level progression system that allows characters to level up and gain perks and uses for their quirks, that make them stronger in combat - There are custom arcs that provide story and events that give EXP, as well as character building opportunities - There's plenty of ooc rooms catered around Gaming, Art, Memes, NSFW, LGBTQ+, and venting/real talk.
Discord's #1 GTA Server | Featured by Discord | We focus on quality; others focus on quantity ;) | Created by Kim#9999