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We center our focus around growing the established community. Consider this your pit stop in life for both sharpening your introspection and developing your character. We usually discuss topics, such as, but not limited to: Philosophy, Psychology, Typology, Sciences, Mental Health, and Life Advice, as well as whatever that goes on in your lives. For those who are familiar, this is the successor of the server Cognition.
A server dedicated for the discussion and appreciation of space.
Olá querido(a) Aqui estou para te fazer este convite para meu servidor, lá esta crescendo aos poucos; Por enquanto tem 3 pessoas na STAFF, precisamos de mais futuramente e quem sabe pode ser você ^^; Precisamos de um Designer, de um Divulgador e principalmente de você; Lá pode ser do seu jeito, A Cosmos está aberta para todos os assuntos e temas: Animes, Séries, Doramas, tudo junto e misturado, só precisamos de você Caso você não queira não tem problema, o convite é permanente, sempre estará aqui ^^! Estou te esperando hein XD, Até mais!
Sabedoria, conhecimento, informação, amigos, virtual, diversão, entretenimento. Uma obra criada por David de Carvalho ("@oddecarvalho")
On this server, you can discuss all aspects of dieting, including weight loss, fitness, and general self-care. We also have dedicated discussion channels for the most popular diets. Join us at the following link!
Ruhsuz Orman Çocukları Buluşma Noktası
A nice, friendly environment to discuss physics, maths, astronomy, or other sciences, or even to just chat in general. You can also get help on problems in all sciences, from our science specialist, or PhD's! Also enjoy programming with a wide variety of specialists: including programming languages like; python, ruby, javascript, java, PHP, c++, c#, CSS, HTML, SQL and others!
Комфортное содержательное познавательное общение на всевозможные темы. Разнообразие конференций и функция создать свою. #skype cast, #открытые голосовые конференции, #наука, #технологии, #искусство.
Welcome to the GCSE server. The rules here are fairly simple, don't be toxic and you should be fine. However we should point out that moderators are at liberty to 'moderate' however they please. We hope that you can learn something from this server and maybe teach others as well. Enjoy your stay!
Serveur RP Labolatory
A Server all about sadness and depression with Hentai and Yaoi added to the mix, join us lets cry together while busting a nut #Doomer
Talk with very smart and well-educated people and learn something new from them!
Focado em diversos assuntos como jogos, filosofia, biologia, programação ou até mesmo filmes
◇ This server is to be a recruiting base for government agencies around the world looking for practical psychics ◇ This server is to be a practical training ground for potential career work in the psychic subject New recruiter? Please register if you have not by calling 1 (800)-818-0867
We are a science facility role-play group that encourages experimentation and science!
This is a gaming discord server.
Welcome to Observational Astronomy, the only server in discord dedicated to observing the skies and discussing them, getting help for observations or just hanging out. Here we talk about anything related to space, from Black holes to rockets, from nebulae to planets.
Hi, welcome to New Horizons! We are an academia-based server that focuses on the topic of space and all the fields that contribute to our understanding of it! Come explore our little corner of the galaxy!
A server roleplaying on a fictional facility called "Stepford Research Facility". Here you can be a subject, scientist or other staff, and we're open to both furries and nonfurries. We try to make the server as unique as possible! (NSFW is optional.)
Sunucumuz "Usta-Çırak" ilişkisi içerisinde kişileri eğitip onlara bir şeyler katmak için vardır.
A place where you can meet many new people, join some amazing servers and chat with the entire science community all at once!
An academic server dedicated to discussing psychology and neuroscience!
We're a nice; welcoming and lax community. We offer several things, such as nice members and friendly staff, art and writing channels, and multifandom channels. We even have a roleplay channel for you to write with characters in. We hope to see you!
A weather discord for people to talk about it shows pictures and an active team to report for major storms to keep people safe and out of harm.
A fun discord server for chatting to people and being included! Enjoy debates as well as normal conversations and of course the cake! So why not join and have some fun? ^^ ALSO CAKE!? What's the point of the server? Having fun conversations and make some friends with the other people trapped among the cupcakes. A fun themed community group.
The Tech Community is for Technology enthusiasts, NERDS, and GEEKS.
Gaming and chat discord discussing shape of the Earth, fringe topics, livestreaming
Venha se divertir conosco!
This growing community is an excellent place to share knowledge, ask questions, and just to chat. With a community of 1600+ students, professionals, and interested laypeople, the Psychology Den is a great place to find academic discussion related to the science of Psychology. Note: This is not a therapy or support server. We cannot (and will not) offer professional help or advice.
Willkommen bei New Technologie, wir helfen dir deine Revolutionäre Idee zu verbessern und in die Tat umzusetzen und bedienen uns hierbei des Prinzips: "Jeder hilft jedem wo er kann und will". (Sind im Aufbau und haben für engagierte Mitglieder noch Rollen zu vergeben.) Wir freuen uns auf dich.
A friendly unofficial server. But things change so maybe one day it wont be unofficial anymore. If you wanna have fun and make friends join in
We encourage the exploration of any and all subjects. Come join our cozy den!
Whether you're a student or just interested in learning about any of these subjects or related fields, this server is for you! Feel free to start/join in a discussion in any of our subject-related channels or just chill in any of our general ones.
The Astro Server Project was created with the intention to share the knowledge and love of astrophotography and general astronomy. It is intended to be both inviting and encouraging for those entering the hobby. This is currently a brand new server (as of 5/13/19) looking to find its place and grow with those who join it, suggestions and ideas are appreciated. We have several roles that you may choose from upon joining: [Astrophotographer] [Astronomer] [Stargazer]
Come debate with other users on different topics!
We try educating people about the Amazon rainforest. We give tips on how anybody can help.
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