Toronto based for like minded passionate individuals who want to meet other geek culture denizens and technology enthusiasts. We strive to create an atmosphere of sharing, with the goal to always keep things super fun.
Toronto based for like minded passionate individuals who want to meet other geek culture denizens and technology enthusiasts. We strive to create an atmosphere of sharing, with the goal to always keep things super fun.
A community for young people who enjoy business and tech
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Bienvenue a toi. Ce serveur discord est le serveur officiel Aresia .
:nitro: 40 INVITES = 1 NITRO CLASSIC :nitro: :nitro: 100 INVITES = NITRO 1 YEARS
SWIFT GANG is the Discord server to be in if you're a developer, user, or just a true Apple fan. Chat with Apple enthusiasts, ask questions, share apps, subscribe to news.
XNet is a small, close knit tech and gaming community where like minded people can come together to chat, game, discuss technology, and work on awesome pro freedom software. The membership focus here is on quality over quantity. If you dont get the name then read Little Brother by Cory Doctorow.
An international hosting server/service. We sell CSGO Servers, Rust Servers, Farming Simulator 19 Servers, Minecraft Servers and VPS. We also got a website. ScanosHosting.Net Affordable servers is our style!
Visa Stress is a programming community
Public discord server where you can talk about anything free !
The unofficial Discord community for the Nextcloud project. Get support, ask questions or just chat with fellow Nextclouders!
We're a Hosting provider striving to provide affordable but fast and reliable services to everyone. With our great pricing and 99.9% uptime guarantee, you can't go wrong. Ascend with us today!
Der deutsche SysBot.NET Discord-Server
Seja Bem Vindo
A chill ass server with the chillest ass people in the world, we the most hyperintelligent chill people in the world
We work on network tools and discord robots. We also give 2 times per week some Crunchyroll and NordVPN accounts. Welcome to anyone who is interested in us!
Newly Founded server. Chill place to hangout with friends, playing games or just messing around. *Still in Dev.* so don't be 2 quick to join, though it would be sick. Artists, Gamers, YTs and Streamers, etc. Other shit...
Minecraft Server: No rules, No admin, have survival.
We are a FiveM community looking to be different and provide a different experience for the users. We are mainly a roleplay server with the intent to explain into anything else if possible.
FinIskov HUB Serveur discord basé sur le modding sur ps3 qui sert également de communauté regroupant des joueurs ps1-2-3-4. Des salons de discussions et échanges sur plusieurs sujets comme des jeux en particuliers ou en rapport avec des consoles particulières s'offrent à vous et des salons en rapport avec le modding sont disponibles comme des tutos pour utiliser Multiman, un salon où sont postés des liens de téléchargements,... Un salon pour faire sa pub est disponible sur ce serveur. Le serveur est en pleine création.
this is a technology and gaming/mining channel
The best Twitch community ever! Haha, jk, just a streamer's hangout. Say hi and introduce yourself if you want. We chat about video games, anime, and movies as well as VR and tech stuff. We play a lot of Overwatch and Syrsly streams and does giveaways!
[STAFF AND TECHIES NEEDED] Hello traveler, welcome to Northbridge Café. We are are a new and growing community that, at its core, is focused on helping others with their various tech problems. Need help choosing parts for a new build? We got you covered. Like talking about all things tech? You're at the right place. All in all this server is a place that techies both new & old, can come together, talk about tech, and potentially learn something at the same time. We hope to see you around!
Welcome to the Official Games From Garage Server, home to the developers that brought you the popular iOS/Android game PC Architect and now their upcoming release Vape Architect!
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The official Arduino discord server for discussing and talking about all things Arduino related. Need help debugging or finding solutions to your code or hardware? Looking for ideas on a new project? Want feedback on the new project you've worked on? It's all here!
A Discord server that gives away accounts for free such as ✔️ Hulu, ✔️ Origin, ✔️ NordVPN, ✔️ Spotify, ✔️ Crunchyroll, ✔️ More!
All are welcomed in the Holy Roman Empire. A server I want to grow with a community of like-minded people. There are many features: Levelling, news, webhook, polls, radio, music, elections, custom commands and more. Feedback is encouraged.
This is a newly-made server focused on tech, mostly computers.
"RSS Feeds: Technology and More" is an RSS Feed hub for news, updates, and all kinds of information.
Lime Services specializes in selling high quality social media servers such as Instagram Followers and more for the cheapest prices.
The Official Discord for ThatGeekAaron on Twitch. The Geek Corner is the perfect discord to find chill people and make friends. We involve a wide community that revolves around content creating, live streaming, gaming and more! If you need help with your computer maybe a computer issue? We have a chat for that too! Giveaways and movie nights and hosted too! What are you waiting for? Come join!
Somos uma comunidade aberta para pessoas interessadas na área da tecnologia. Aqui você pode compartilhar conhecimentos, dúvidas, projetos e debates.
A Discord Server, designed to help people navigate Discord. Including Creating a New Discord Server, Working with Bots or manipulating Roles and Permissions for the server and much more.
A group of Pokémon players helping you skip the most tedious parts of playing Pokémon & jump straight into the action. Unlike hacks trying to sell clones which may get you banned from online services, ours can be used in ANY/ALL online activity.
TOP 3D printing discord server. Join and meet great makers and designers! High skilled people and fun guaranteed by 3D World official. Doesn't matter if you are beginer or profesional. We are open to everyone!