The Otaku's Guild is a future YouTube Server releasing Videos about our discord Shenanigans beginning Summer 2020. If you want to be apart of our videos, just join the server and meme with us. Quarantine with us and Make Wealthy Vibes.
The Otaku's Guild is a future YouTube Server releasing Videos about our discord Shenanigans beginning Summer 2020. If you want to be apart of our videos, just join the server and meme with us. Quarantine with us and Make Wealthy Vibes.
(Offical Discord Partner) The server for the popular YouTube channel with over 4.1 million subs. We offer weekly events, giveaways, active community, friendly staff, and a few channels for the peeps who would like to talk about their hobbies.
Welcome to the Creative Crew, a community server for the channel of The Unknown Artist. Here, we have all sorts of activities and events, such as movie nights, minigames in the server (ex: Pokemon, rpg adventures, tabletop), art competitions, community events, skits, tournaments and more! Also, you can just sit back, listen to some music, and chat with everyone as we are all very welcoming and open! New videos are announced in #going-live, and any updates for the server and events will be in announcements! Hope to see you there :)
Enjoy your stay and GO LIVE
Привет! Я создал этот сервер для того чтобы любой смог поиграть со мной и попасть на запись! Так же на сервере присутствуют комнаты для общения и поиска напарников в различные игры.
Welcome To The Amazing Group Of The G Da Rulez: spamming 2.don't try to put in nasty things 3.don't do any loud noises in the voice chat room 4.don't try to do something bad swearing and no gaging 6.don't bully other players 7.don't be toxic and don't be salty to other players 8.don't ask for admin 9.trolling other players will get you kicked or banned if you are 8-7 read the rules first or else get yourself banned Enjoy Your Stay!
Just a place to hang out.
Welcome to Underhaven! Diving into the degenerate backwash of the internet, news, and entertainment!
has lots of fun bots. you people to talk to.
Streamers | Entertainment | Good Vibes | Crude Humor |
Streamers | Entertainment | Good Vibes | Crude Humor |
A channel for my youtube channel, DalazyGamer12. I make videos on roblox studio speedbuilds and scripts, and blender, too. If you would like to support me, or just join in for the fun, then come right on in. We have a not too active, but not dead community, and if you join, that'll be one more person that someone can talk to. We have Fun text channel names Hydra - Music bot Custom emojis Good Community Fun ranks and many more to come.
Official Server Of Toxi Plays
Hey, I would love for you to join my Discord server! It is for giveaways, and just talking about Roblox Ninja Legends! It is a family friendly community and also a Discord for my YouTube channel!
Quickly grow your YouTube community!
(Just in case)Link:
Are you looking for people to learn trading with? Forex, crypto or stocks ? We have a lot of Elite traders who provide free alerts, education and chart analysis
__**Bright Lightning’s Discord Server**__ **Events/Announcements** **In the server** Leveling Systems with ranks up to level 200 `Minecraft Thame, ` **Fun Bots** `like mee6, dyno, coin master, cafe, pac-man` **Mimi games** `pac-man, tic tac toe, connect4, black jack, snail racing and more` **Great Gaming Community** `Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox, Pokemon, Need For Speed, GTA, Forza, and more` **Friendly Staff and Owner** `if any staff is ever rude you can report them to me` **And a lot more** `Bots in the server Mee6, Dyno, Cafe, CoinMaster, Ok Counter, and a lot more.` **Coming Soon** __Want to know more vist__ or
Official server for VGA Chronicles youtube series. Also a general gaming community server.
Wolven Workshop: Howl like a wolf (Official discord of the Idarix fanbase) What we have: - A friendly community - Protection from bullying - Gamer Talk - Cool People - And of course, Idarix What we need: - More Members! - More Staff! Come join today!
A Great place to hang out and make new friends. While possibly getting games on the side!
serveur fun clash royale
Community with many people! Everyone likes to chill out and relax and chat, come over and literally meet streamers, YouTuber's and like minded people. Hang out with the owner and network if you are wanting to start streaming or do Youtube :)
small gaming server trying to grow will do giveaways in the future
Hello and welcome to Beowulf's Den 2.0! (This server may be owned by a furry but it's oriented to everyone) While the original 1.0 version is long gone, the 2.0 version is bigger and better then ever! We have things like videos (Beo is a veteran youtuber) music & memes, along with other strange things like cursed images, D&D campaigns or something more saucy to suit your needs
Acesta este serverul oficial al canalului Ultra Andy. Aici ne relaxam, vorbim depre jocuri si discutam chestii.
A discord server!
Discord server for Villagers who wants to join Alastroid's Village!
Официальный сервер ИЛЮШИ, известного ютубера. Подписывайся скорей на его канал и заходи веселиться с нами! Интересные каналы, разнообразные роли и добрые люди ждут тебя!
Were a weird bunch who does gameing, anime, and being idiots
De discord server van het Nederlandse Youtube kanaal Van Alles En Onzin! Vind hier eigenlijk helemaal niks behalve een hoop gezelligheid en geouweHOER!!!
A community about for music listeners and artists and promoters
This is a community discord where we come here and have a good time and chill, play video games, watch videos, share memes, and more. There aren't many rules and we just wanna have a good time and have a drama free atmosphere. Some of you know me and some of you don't but if your not an asshole you're welcome here. Simple server, not too many chat rooms, not too many bots, and just fun
A random server full of CountryHumans stuff and memes. Recently got 150 members! It is part of my Youtube Channel, so the server will be getting alerts from my channel whenever I upload. It's really funny, all ages are welcomed. It is child friendly, but the rules are relaxed with the "Family-Friendly" part. We hope you consider joining!
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