Hey there! It’s been a while since we’ve written an update post, and it’s time we catch you up. We continue to push out changes, though they’ve largely been fixes and refinements. Since our last update post though, we did release our server card redesign.

Server Summary

One small change we pushed out without fanfare is the ability to add a Server Summary. This is an optional short description we added just for browse pages- your server page will show your server’s full description. Now you can keep your description’s formatting without sacrificing your server’s card presentation. Add your Server Summary by going into Edit Server > Details.

Increased Team Sizes

Although not advertised (yet), premium comes with an increased team size limit. Here’s the details:

  • Free - 10
  • Gold - 12
  • Platinum - 15

Other Stuff

We dramatically improved the performance of the random server button.

Want your server to have a chance to show up when someone hits random? Make sure your server has at least one recent post, and it qualifies.

Improved statistics are still coming, along with other improvements to how you manage your server. Let us know if you have any feature requests!

Summary of changes up to

  • fixed image path issues
  • fixed issue with bot step being skipped when creating a server
  • implemented new server cards
  • refined page navigation UI
  • added server summary section
  • refined join button style
  • fixed several visual bugs on new server cards
  • implemented more accurate bot status checker
  • added social media links to site header
  • fixed issue where server posts could be double-posted
  • fixed issues with editing server posts
  • fixed major issues with weekly bump reset
  • fixed issue with changing account settings
  • released previously reserved links
  • implemented several database optimizations
  • fixed several instances of broken icons
  • implemented new team size limits (10 free/12 gold/15 platinum)
  • fixed issue causing 500 errors on server pages in certain circumstances