Streaming | Community
This is the null projects server, where we work on miscalanious projects, andare working on a couple of indie titles. Come join us to see whats cooking.
Art | Technology
The First Non-Violent World Art & Tech Lab to BUILD Viral Techy "3Dprinted" Interiors&Buildings! 🍄🌎👽 Architecture on a whole new artsy level!
Technology | Design
3D printing community focused on Prusa printers but all 3d printing enthusiasts are welcome.
Gaming | Art
Hello, and welcome to ARIA! In this server we hang out with friends, host public online games, make 3D models, program, and draw. Be ready for a bunch of fun :D
Art | YouTuber
3D Modeling, Animation and FX tutorials, community for 3D artists, studios, game developers, prop modelers and more.