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The Black Diaspora was created for us, by us, without interruption from others.
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:fist_tone5::fist_tone4::fist_tone3:Hello Brothers, Sisters, and Siblings! If you a BLACK person trying to look for a fun/chill place to interact with and meet new friends, this server is the perfect place for you. We are a NEW ALL BLACK LGBTQ+ Friendly server. We offer: *A main chat for everyone to chat about anything Small group chats based on ur specific roles *an nsfw chat (18+ only) *Voice chats for gaming, movie streaming, music streaming, and general conversation *A vent channel for u to let out how u feel:blue_heart:we’re here for u *color roles Dank Memer OwO and Anonymous Confessions Bot Occasional Movie Nights various emotes(more coming soon*) :fist_tone5: :fist_tone4: :fist_tone3:
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POC Central is a new discord server for people of color. We are a safe space and are LGBT friendly! Photo verification required. 18+