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1800+ Members 🫂 | Guaranteed Non-Toxic 🛡️| Certified Sherpas 🧑‍🚀| Giveaways 🎁| Custom LFG 🤝| Free Guides 📚| Specialty Quests 🗺️
Gaming | Playstation
1800+ Members 🫂 | Guaranteed Non-Toxic 🛡️| Certified Sherpas 🧑‍🚀| Giveaways 🎁| Custom LFG 🤝| Free Guides 📚| Specialty Quests 🗺️
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Community | Beliefs
A server that includes black people of every shade and background. We don't do the drama, the toxcity or negativity here. We want everyone to feel comfortable and enjoy their time in the community. ✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦ ✧ Roles; tell us about your pronouns, signs and pick the color role you want. ✧ Art, memes, music, spam, bot commands and nsfw channels. ✧ AMONG US (obviously) but also general chat and more gaming channels. ✧ Venting channel -- open to both personal dms and full venting in the channel for outside help. ✧ Regular Voice/Chat, also music VC, and Gaming VC channels. ✧ Cuss the f*ck up. ✧ Mee6 is your friend. ✧ The best black owner on discord. We're looking for trial mods too! (DM q or a CEO if you have any questions or want to try out for MOD!) ✧ Have fun! ✧ White people can come, we just don't need racists.
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Community | LGBT
Stolen ̣̮ ̥ ⋆ˊˎ- we are a mainly black-poc/lgbtq safe community of course anybody can join, but bigotry isn't allowed here. we play games and hangout. Although small, we are active and inclusive (no hierarchies) Make shore to join NYEGA
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Political | Entertainment
This is a server primarily designed to be a place where blerds (black "nerds") can talk about black topics and issues, and "geek out" all in one server. Feel free to kick back relax, and chat. Whether it's about the new show that's turned you into a hermit, or whether it's Brawlhalla, have fun. However, this server is for fun, but it's also designed for talking about serious racial issues in the world, black history, and related world events. If that offends you, then this sever isn't for you. Also, this isn't to be racist, but since this server also deals with sensitive issues exlusively to the black community, this server isn't meant for non-black people, as it's family business. On another note, this server was started not many weeks ago, so it's a work in progress. Please be patient with me. I'd appreciate it if you could invite your friends, so we can grow here. Help yourself. There are some rules though: -[No sexually explicit images.] -[No graphic images, except if us
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Community | Social
Join us on Pigeon Island! we are a new and upcoming server for POC ages 18+, where you can participate in~ ? Movie Nights and other Fun Events ? Reaction Roles ? Probably too many Color Roles ? Active VC ? Fun Banter without ppl getting triggered easily ? Bird clans (where you can pick what bird you want to be) ? Active Chats & VCs We are currently looking to grow our community even larger! We are looking for active members who can potentially become Mods and/or Admin soon! We chill as heck. Honestly, just join. no vanity link yet :( -->
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Music | Social
Our server is a server where we make new friends, talk , play roblox, run talent shows, and just have fun. We are a new server and we just want to grow into something big.
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Community | Social
A predominately melanated community looking to grow. Anyone is welcomed to join just be wary that most of us do have melanin.
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Community | Social
Black Discord is a social server for the appreciation of all things melanin. We are a mixing pot of cultures, ethnic backgrounds, and practices - but most importantly, we are here to celebrate them all.
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Role-Playing | Writing
Nania Destini is an immersive role-playing server deeply rooted in the rich tapestry of Haitian mythology. Within this captivating realm, you’ll encounter powerful deities, demigods of extraordinary abilities, mythical races, and an ever-evolving narrative that offers endless opportunities for character growth and storytelling.
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Twitch | Gaming
(NEW) A vibrant owned community where you can meet chat and make new friends with those who share your interests in gaming, anime, travel, and more! It’s a safe space and black-woman owned! Personal server for Twitch streamer Kisforkarmen!
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Political | LGBT
Our Cause: We're a predominantly left-wing space dedicated to advancing Black liberation and nationalism through the analysis of literature, philosophy, and engagement in political activism. Our mission is simple—to educate ourselves, our allies and further the goals of the global African diaspora. 🫱🏾‍🫲🏿 What We Offer: A Safe Space for Black Folk: People of all backgrounds are allowed to join and participate of course, but we intend to ensure the server remains a safe environment for our Black brothers and sisters. (LGBTQ+ friendly!) 🎓 Events/Resources: Access a wide range of materials on Black history, socialist theory, and Black nationalist works. We also have a comprehensive FAQ detailing what Black nationalism is about and its purpose, and allow our members to join our book club, watch parties, and discussion panels too. 🤲🏿 As Black socialists we believe it is important for communities to be in solidarity with one another—as such, we're always looking for partnerships!