Gaming | Business
Welcome to AeroTravel!! We are a roblox airline that prides itself on its outstanding customer service and quality of flights. We treat every guest like an individual and allow them to enjoy themselves. We train our staff with our passengers in mind because well trained staff members adds to a great flight experience for our passengers. We offer upgrades that can be purchased by our members. We have class upgrades available for purchase in the group store. Please read below the details of our different class upgrades. We try to host flights often but sometimes we do not have enough staff online to operate a flight but we make sure to host flights as often as we can. If you have any complaints about our group, then please talk to a customer service agent. Thank you. We hope you enjoy yourself at our flights and we'd like to remind you when flying with AeroTravel Airlines, 'Your Travels Matter To You, They Matter To Us'.
Community | Growth
Hello, this is your beloved airport announcer. Welcome to Airport Agency. We are a airport-theme server in Discord and I am pretty sure you are be excited to flight with our pilot and airport crew. We have some excited things in our server that will keep launching. 💠 excited lounge 💠 excited bot commands 💠 excited emoji that keep adding 💠 excited events that keep planing and adding 💠 Last but no least, we will accept every suggestion that match to our server and make our server colourful 💠 KEEP IN MIND, everything is possible in this server if didn't against the TOC What are you waiting for? Join us now