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An Unofficial War Thunder server for gamer's but mostly for people who play the game War Thunder. We are War Thunder Arcade we have fully working self assignable roles for what BR. / Rank. or Nation. you play! There is also channels for specific topics for example just Tanks or just Planes. That is just a little of what we have to offer, so come on and join us & bring your friends all are welcome so come on what are you waiting for!
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Welcome to Phoenix Airlines! Our goal is to serve the world while being the most realistic Airline! We are based in Heathrow, London. We are one of the largest and most active communities in GeoFS, and both train and fly with members from diverse areas. Join with the World, Join Phoenix! Become a p
Technology | Entertainment
This is an amazing server about aviation and technology. Our admins have been spending hours making this server amazing for a massive community!
Community | Technology
Into simulation games? Well our server is the right place. We offer documentation on planes in roblox as well as in microsoft flight simulator, especially good for users of default aircraft. If not, join us to support us!
Are you looking for a flight community? - Join us today! We can offer a good community that takes care of our members. Norway Intercontinental is a new and small community, but with your help, we can start growing! Join us today!
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Come chat with over 60+ vehicle enthusiasts if you like Planes, Trains, Buses, Trucks etc
Community | Hobbies
XOAviation is a community in which lovers of aviation are able to share their content and ideas.
Gaming | Business
Welcome to AeroTravel!! We are a roblox airline that prides itself on its outstanding customer service and quality of flights. We treat every guest like an individual and allow them to enjoy themselves. We train our staff with our passengers in mind because well trained staff members adds to a great flight experience for our passengers. We offer upgrades that can be purchased by our members. We have class upgrades available for purchase in the group store. Please read below the details of our different class upgrades. We try to host flights often but sometimes we do not have enough staff online to operate a flight but we make sure to host flights as often as we can. If you have any complaints about our group, then please talk to a customer service agent. Thank you. We hope you enjoy yourself at our flights and we'd like to remind you when flying with AeroTravel Airlines, 'Your Travels Matter To You, They Matter To Us'.
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ВС Советского Союза is a server dedicated to everything (well, mainly Soviet and Russian) military, from fighter jets to aircraft carriers to tanks and submarines as well as much more. We also do some gaming on games such as War Thunder and World of Tanks.
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✈️ Join my server if you are interested in Aviation ✈️ 🌐 You can select your own airline as your role 🌐 🛬 We are a group of people who are interested in aviation we also have some real life pilots on here 🛫 🔥 You can also come here just to chat to people and listen to music while at it 🔥 🛩️ We are also looking for moderators 🛩️
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We're a Aviation Discord for International purpose ;) Join, post your plane spotting archivements and fly with us!
Community | Growth
Community Of Aviation Fans All Ages
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We are an unofficial Airline Empires Server. We talk about strategy in all of the worlds and we also discuss liveries, photos, seat maps, logos, and other forms of airline branding. Join Airline Empires today!
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As otherwise stated, we have rules, please be sure to read the rules, we have active moderating staff that will take action if any are broken. We operate on a two warning basis, and while we love to have fun, we also want to keep things organIzed. Thanks!
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A small community for our shop! Find our website @
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Are You a Flight Sim Pilot? Flight Sim ATC? Do you like being part of a VA? Well, then look no further. As an Alliance Server, we are partnered with some of the Greatest VA's on the Planet. We also fly together, and we host special events. Come join today if your interested. *No Experience Required! Results May Vary!