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Join us in our growing group of aviation enthusiasts! We fly as a group every week with any simulator on the VATSIM network. In our pastimes, we love to chat and discuss aviation, both in the simulator and the real world! If you're looking to learn about aviation, you'll have some luck here!
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This is a server to talk about the new Microsoft Flight Simulator, coming out in 2020. It’s a stunning game due to come out on multiple platforms. It uses bing maps to generate a real time view of the world.
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Welcome to the FSAviation Communtity! Where we acknowledge every aspect of aviation known to man! This is a community is derived of any and everything aviation and flight sim. We’ll be sure to have something for you that everyone can talk about! Here, you can meet tons of people who have similar thoughts and passions about aviation akin to yours. You can also keep up to date on the FS News and even IRL aviation all over the world! Events are sure to happen at least once a month, whether it’d be group flights or any multiplayer games anyone could take part of. We even have a suggestions channel where you can make your ideas known to the public! (This can range from emote suggestions to event ideas too) We are proud to present a booming flight sim community that is available to any and everyone from across the globe. Please make sure to enjoy yourself here! Sincerely, The FSAviation Staff
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Welcome to the Qantas discord. This discord serves as a home for people who like to fly with Qantas in ProjectFLY or any other service such as VATSIM, fly Qantas in flight sims, or just love the company in general. We also serve as a general flight sim hobbyist discord as well. We hope you come check us out.
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Welcome to the server for enthusiasts, simmers, real pilots, and anyone who has a passion, curiosity for, or even a basic interest in, aviation!
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The Flight Lounge is a place for all flight simmers, to fly casually or professionally with ATC, and discuss their simming experiences!
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A hub built for the MFS 2020 SDK for you the player to get help around the SDK, ask questions, built content or get content of liveries, API programs or sceneries.
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Flight Simulators enthusiasts hub! Where you can find everything you need! -Content creators role and self-promo -Helpful bots to help you with flying (Metar,Charts,TAF...etc) -Organized & Clean with many roles
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After starting our server more than 5 years ago, we have created one of the largest flight simulation communities on Discord. As of today, we have more than 900 members. If you're interested in aviation or have questions about flying, we would love to have you here! If you play flight sim like FSX, P3D, X-Plane, or MSFS, that's even better. Pop in for a great time and stay for the friends you make here. Hope to see you soon!
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Welcome to FlyTense, a home for all flight simmers, aviation enthusiasts, and alike!
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Are You a Flight Sim Pilot? Flight Sim ATC? Do you like being part of a VA? Well, then look no further. As an Alliance Server, we are partnered with some of the Greatest VA's on the Planet. We also fly together, and we host special events. Come join today if your interested. *No Experience Required! Results May Vary!
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we are a active flight simulator community we have over 500+ members we have weekly events we have a vatsim VA we develop our own add-ons