Australian Flights Simmers (Network of Flightsimmers from Australia and around the world)
El mejor canal de simulación aérea de habla hispana
Olá! A NORTEaSUL é um servidor dedicado para as pessoas que gostam de simular! Como em simuladores de voo, caminhão, etc... Como também para assistir filmes, séries, ouvir músicas e jogar com outras pessoas!!
Into simulation games? Well our server is the right place. We offer documentation on planes in roblox as well as in microsoft flight simulator, especially good for users of default aircraft. If not, join us to support us!
Welcome to Aviators Anonymous! Aviators Anonymous is a new and awesome server built for aviation enthusiasts, real world pilots, flight simulator pilots, and even aviation historians. We welcome all people here no matter your level of knowledge. We are dedicated to providing the best, most professional, and non-toxic environment for all aviation enthusiasts alike. We hope you enjoy our server.
Thunder Air is a dedicated community flying in Microsoft Flight Sim X Steam Ed. where we host landing competitions, enjoy real and semi-real ATC, a Virtual Airline, training, airshows and more. We are focused on having fun and innovating our server to offer the best in flight simulation. If you are just starting, we also have a training program where people are dedicated to help you through your first takeoff up to more experienced flight systems and bigger planes! Come join us!
A server for all flight sim fans!
The fastest growing and most active FSX community offering ATC services around. Featuring ATC events, ATC and Pilot training, as well as a Military wing and First Responders wing.
FS Connect is Flight Simulator Hub. Do you want to join a server? Do you want to fly with ATC? Do you want to be an ATC? Here is the place to find the perfect server for you. With many choices and servers to choose from you can find the best fitting server for you. In each server booth you will see their features and bio so that you can select the perfect flight sim server for you.
Hello, we are a small Discord server about anything flying or Flight Simulation! If you are interested in any of the following: • Flying • Simulation • Plane Spotting • Or just looking for a server to share you interest with others Then this is the server for you! We also offer a team of people able to help with any Graphic Design issues or designing a website