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El mejor canal de simulación aérea de habla hispana
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A flight sim server primarily focused on Microsoft Flight Simulator X and when released, Microsoft Flight Simulator.
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Into simulation games? Well our server is the right place. We offer documentation on planes in roblox as well as in microsoft flight simulator, especially good for users of default aircraft. If not, join us to support us!
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Welcome to Aviators Anonymous! Aviators Anonymous is a new and awesome server built for aviation enthusiasts, real world pilots, flight simulator pilots, and even aviation historians. We welcome all people here no matter your level of knowledge. We are dedicated to providing the best, most professional, and non-toxic environment for all aviation enthusiasts alike. We hope you enjoy our server.
Gezellige server met een gaming community
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Share your content, meet new people and share your passion for aviation!
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Downwind is a place for flightsim enthusiasts and beginners alike to have a fun and relaxed experience chatting while flying or air traffic controlling on our FSX multiplayer server.
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This discord is a place for developers to share their experiences, resources and meet to team up on projects and learning opportunities. We strongly believe in enabling more developers, photoshop/ livery makers, blender users and flight sim enthusiasts to elevate the community.
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• We provide an RAF based promotion system to reward active members • We pride ourselves on providing two welcoming communities that directly interact and have competitions • We aim to bring flight simmers together, stop the meaningless "sim vs sim" arguments, and improve your swimming experience.
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The Flight Lounge is a place for all flight simmers, to fly casually or professionally with ATC, and discuss their simming experiences!
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Welcome to Virtual Algerian Air Force,
Gaming is a page that shares free add-ons and mods for Flight Simulator 2020. In principle, we do not share every extension. We only share quality plugins. Best quality best addon..
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After starting our server more than 5 years ago, we have created one of the largest flight simulation communities on Discord. As of today, we have more than 900 members. If you're interested in aviation or have questions about flying, we would love to have you here! If you play flight sim like FSX, P3D, X-Plane, or MSFS, that's even better. Pop in for a great time and stay for the friends you make here. Hope to see you soon!
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Cen-Cal ATC was founded by a group of student pilots in order to provide a group practice environment for ATC (Air Traffic Control) procedures. All of our simulation procedures are conducted at various airports throughout Central California, giving us the name Cen-Cal ATC. When you become a member, you can either act as ATC and run different towers and airspace’s or you can act as a pilot to better sharpen your ATC skills. If you are new to ATC, no problem! Our community is always willing to help advance your skills. Our discord also gives you special privileges to our own Flight Simulator X Multi-Player Server. *We are not an aviation school or CFI’s, just likeminded individuals who love sharing information and knowledge of aviation. We look forward to flying with you!