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Hello, we are Topside Gaming. A HUB for all your gaming needs. We currently own a FiveM RP server and an Arma 3 server! We also have a CoD MW Regiment! You can check these out in #topside-communities. We also have partners that helps you connect to other communities for more fun! This is in #partnered-communities! If you are a community owner and wish to partner with us, head to #apply-for-partnership. Our staff team is always willing to help you out in anyway possible. If you need any help head to #tickets. We wish you a great stay and happy gaming! Permanent Discord Invite Link:
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Aviation X-Plane Flightsim Prepar3D Fsx Just Talk Just Chatting Gaming
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Australian Flights Simmers (Network of Flightsimmers from Australia and around the world)
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We are a new Flight Simulation group. We cover FSX, P3D and X Plane 11. We also give insight to the new Flight Simulator 2020.
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Welcome to the FSAviation Communtity! Where we acknowledge every aspect of aviation known to man! This is a community is derived of any and everything aviation and flight sim. We’ll be sure to have something for you that everyone can talk about! Here, you can meet tons of people who have similar thoughts and passions about aviation akin to yours. You can also keep up to date on the FS News and even IRL aviation all over the world! Events are sure to happen at least once a month, whether it’d be group flights or any multiplayer games anyone could take part of. We even have a suggestions channel where you can make your ideas known to the public! (This can range from emote suggestions to event ideas too) We are proud to present a booming flight sim community that is available to any and everyone from across the globe. Please make sure to enjoy yourself here! Sincerely, The FSAviation Staff
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- Hey there! come visit Till the Dawn Gaming! - Wide variety of people, brought together by their love of gaming. - Friendly welcoming atmosphere! Be it friends for a casual game or squad mates to make that final push ftw. - English/Chinese Language - Anyone welcome.
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• We provide an RAF based promotion system to reward active members • We pride ourselves on providing two welcoming communities that directly interact and have competitions • We aim to bring flight simmers together, stop the meaningless "sim vs sim" arguments, and improve your swimming experience.
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CB Flight Sim is a community which is founded by two teenagers We have a vision and passion to create an active flying community within Discord. We also have multiple channels in our Discord server for other games such as Rainbow Six Siege. We also have bots as well to help you enjoy your time here at CB Flight Sim. We like to do multiple flights a day and we are looking for people to join us on our trips across the globe. Visiting many different places around the world and hopefully with more people behind us too. We would love to see you in our server! See you there! CB Flight Sim Staff
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