Military | Mature
If you like Aviation our server is for you, we have a big community with lots of dedicated aviation nerds. Our server has Organised channels for ATC, which you can use to communicate professionally.
Gaming | Community
This is a server to talk about the new Microsoft Flight Simulator, coming out in 2020. It’s a stunning game due to come out on multiple platforms. It uses bing maps to generate a real time view of the world.
Gaming | Social
Thunder Air is a dedicated community flying in Microsoft Flight Sim X Steam Ed. where we host landing competitions, enjoy real and semi-real ATC, a Virtual Airline, training, airshows and more. We are focused on having fun and innovating our server to offer the best in flight simulation. If you are just starting, we also have a training program where people are dedicated to help you through your first takeoff up to more experienced flight systems and bigger planes! Come join us!
Technology | Community
Welcome to the server for enthusiasts, simmers, real pilots, and anyone who has a passion, curiosity for, or even a basic interest in, aviation!
Hobbies | Gaming
An aviation community like no other built to bring all flight sim pilots, plane spotters, and avgeeks together! We have dedicated staff with over 8 years of collective experience, roles and private chats for small groups, monthly plane spotting competitions, and more. All in a civil and safe PG environment with no voice channels.
Hobbies | Education
---WELCOME TO THE HANGER--- Talk to other pilots or learn to be a pilot on this server! You dont have to have the experience to join as our server contains a fun and friendly community!
Gaming | Role-Playing
Comunidad española FLIGHT SIMULATOR 2020