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make friends lmao
Anime | Music
make friends lmao
Community | Gaming
The official Discord server for the Hotel Hideaway Wiki. If you have things you'd like to discuss or share, head here for a live chat!
Gaming | Role-Playing
Passion is a Roblox hotel rolaplay group. Our Motto: "We have Passion to make sure your stay is a night to remember!" Passion was founded on 04/16/2019 by rkgamesplay _____________________________________ When it’s time for a hotel getaway, Passion offers unique travel packages and great deals, each with a long lasting comforting stay and a satisfaction Guarantee! ☎️ We provide various hotels across ROBLOX each with it's own style and location.
Role-Playing | Community
Small Hotel. [STAFF NEEDED][ADMINS NEEDED][OPEN TO ALL PEOPLE] 5 Standard Rooms 3 Suites [Real Payment]
Role-Playing | Community
Royal Creek Resort The Royal Creek Resort is a roleplay where you can do everything and anything you can do in an actual hotel with friends! Including going to the casino, booking a room, visiting our large pool waterpark, relaxing in our spa, AND MORE! ⭐ Friendly & Active Members ⭐ Fun Roleplay Experience ⭐ Lots of different activities around the Resort ⭐ Amazing Staff ⭐ Different Events to Enter Our mission is to provide a family-friendly hospitality experience where you can enjoy as much time as you would like using our services. You can come alone, with a group, or even with your family. The Resort is great for all ages and we can guarantee the whole family will have a great bundle of fun! Everyone is welcome at our resort.
Social | Entertainment
A Discord Server themed after a hotel, you can travel to different floors with an elevator, and each floor has different stuff to do! Heavily focused on socialization and community but there are gaming channels as well.
Hobbies | Community
Welcome to Luxury Lodging Travel Club! Join a community of travelers and get special discounts on various travel expenditures. Find travel tips and great places to visit.
Gaming | Design
This is a hotel game that I made and my co-chairman. If you like roblox hotel games, make sure to join!
Community | Hobbies
Vice Hotels is a hotel created by 2 best friends, we have worked very hard to finish this game and we hope you can enjoy it. We all fashioned this game to our liking and faith that you will like it too enjoy!
Community | Entertainment
~•~•~•~•~•~WELCOME!!~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~ ~•OVERVIEW•~ •First of all, you may have noticed the no. of ppl on the server is SUPER low and it seems dead. This is because we have just made the server and are still inviting ppl.. •We are a server made for anyone and everyone to join and enjoy! •We have plenty of customization in the server for your interests. •Plenty of •Chat channels •Voice channels •LFG channel •Suggestions channel •Fair rules •DJs •AFK Lobby •Ranking system •Partners •Support channel for all help possible from our end •Memes •Staff We would like to thank you for joining our server. If you have any issues or require any sort of help, please report in #support🎈 . We hope you enjoy your stay and invite your friends/family to enjoy too!
Community | Financial
We are a growing community with over 600 members! Be apart of our server and enjoy your time here. Invite your friends to win our iconic giveaways! ✅
Community | Gaming
☆~☆~☆~☆~☆~☆~☆~☆~☆~☆~☆~☆~☆~☆~☆~☆~☆~☆~☆~☆~☆ This is the server Where you can chat and claim a room We have gaming, anime, awesome bots!, and more! Join now and your now Welcome!
Role-Playing | Gaming
A Undertale AU Roleplay.
Gaming | Community
Nights Hotels is an online virtual hotel on the game platform Roblox, they specialise in giving the most comfortable rooms in all of Robloxia, their motto is Comfort at Night.
Community | Gaming
Das Wabbl Hotel ist ein deutschsprachiges Habbo Retro Hotel.
Gaming | Social
The original discord for Hotel Hideaway rift updates and more! Running since the beginning of the app.
Anime | Role-Playing
The official anime hotel is a roleplay server set in a 5-star hotel. Roleplay as your favourite characters or create your own oc and meet new people. You can have up to 10 custom roles and can play as many characters as you want. We welcome everyone and hope you have a nice stay at anime hotel.
Official server for Glacier Hotels! Make sure to join our Roblox group. We're hiring all types of ranks!
Gaming | Role-Playing
We literally post every rift in Hotel Hideaway 24/7 task and sticker help is efficient and rift groups are available
Community | Language
Nyari hotel? Tapi Rasa Discord? Disini tempatnya! Server berasal dari indonesia, siap melayani kamu yang nyari server bertema hotel rasa Indonesia! Dihotel kami, banyak sekali fitur menarik dalam server ini! Mau tungggu kapan lagi? Ayo Klik Join Sekarang!
Furry | Community
This server is a furry themed hotel server with working hotel rooms, active maids, receptionists, and managers, and is guaranteed to be fun for you and your friends!
Hi! Have you found yourself wanting a chill spot to hang out? Have you found your past servers a bit boring? well, please visit Sabastians hotel!! lots of channels suites awesome staff AND PLENTY MORE!!! PLEASE JOIN!!!