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Today's war is an RP server set in the year 2019 - one where a rising China comes to odds with the United States in the Pacific. Take command, wade ashore, fly high and set your course in a world where choices matter and your very way of life is at stake.
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The official Discord server of the 47th Legion:
Military | Political
This is a military/political style channel revolving around the armed forces style chain of command and ranking system. We have over 80 country roles to select from, we also have over 10 political roles if that’s your thing, we have all 5 branches of the military to choose from, and a variety of channels to chat in. There are also over 30 emojis to have fun with so I urge you to join if you’re into the military. Because I assure you this is an authentic military style server. See you there, and have fun.
Gaming | Military
Carrier Landing Air Attack Force China Military Aviation(CLAAF CMA) is a special division of Carrier Landing Air Attack Force(CLAAF) that flies chinese aircraft on Carrier Landing HD, and you don't have to be a member of CLAAF to join.
Community | Military
A global and big military focusing on Air Combat through Carrier Landing HD, Gunship 3, Gunship sequel ww2 and more combat games. We've been form as the VFA-31 division of Gobal Aviator Military but got separate to form the Virtual Flight Military Air Attack Force and later rename Carrier Landing Air Attack Force in honor of Carrier Landing Global Military which was disbanded in February or March of 2020.
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The H in Military Stands for Happiness!
Military | Community
5500+ Military Servicemembers and Civilians from the United States. Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and USCG. We are a Military based Gaming Community geared towards the rationale and mindset of Active Duty, Reserve Components, and Veterans of all branches, including our NATO allies. Military spouses, those interested in joining, and patriotic civilians are encouraged to join! JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE: PTSD, TBI, Mental Health, et cetera. Non-Profit Organization supporting Veterans and Active Military. Member Invited Stream Team!