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Metal Factions is a FREE 3D Real Time Strategy game featuring four robotic factions. It's a multiplayer-oriented game with many similarities to the classic Total Annihilation or Supreme Commander games. |
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Ban-Hammer is an oceanic community that is centred around Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
Writing | Role-Playing
Gladiatorial Avatar is a Cyberpunk Roleplay based on Netflix Original: Love Death Robots: “Sonnie’s Edge”
Anime | Role-Playing
Welcome to Magnolia! This is a Fairy Tail themed RP Server. We are currently looking for mods to join the Magic Council so if you're interested in that please dm Jack Fullbuster. The timeframe of this chat is about three generations past the Natsu Era. We call this the Descendants Era. It is large scale so the information may take a minute to read for that I apologize! But we tried to make it as simple as possible while providing a fun Rp experience for everyone! So come join us! Join a preexisting guild or make your own! Unleash your magic power and watch your character grow through your choices and battles!
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Leuke rp server uper super super leuk om te spelen de beste rp server in nederland vind je hier super goeie rp
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Distopia Révélation [RP] est un serveur RP multivers faisant référence à de nombreuses œuvres, ce RP fonctionne avec des stats comme par exemple la force l'agilité la magie et beaucoup d'autres, nous pouvons vous garantir que vous ne vous ennuierez pas dans cet immense univers, ce RP n'attend que vous !
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An ancient medieval fantasy land of mystical forests, blue rivers & lakes, rolling green hills, and mighty mountains. The realm is very dangerous, fierce warriors of melee & archery, as well as mystics, lurk around the corner with potentially malicious intent.
Military | Role-Playing
Today's war is an RP server set in the year 2019 - one where a rising China comes to odds with the United States in the Pacific. Take command, wade ashore, fly high and set your course in a world where choices matter and your very way of life is at stake.
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Spellcasters is a frantic rhythm based combat game set in the world of Spellcasters Academy. Press combos in time to the beat to cast powerful spells upon your enemies. Fight with up to 4 players in couch multiplayer arena combat to be the last one standing! We hope this can be a fun place for everyone to discuss Spellcasters and anything game related, so please familiarise yourself with the rules and enjoy yourself!
Role-Playing | Anime
The continent of Alisiar and it's 4 countries. . . Astroguard, Esamore, Vroubet and Xeles are filled with hidden dungeons, labriyths and puzzles left by the god of all, Astro, to explore and conquer, gaining a special ability for each one you complete called crests!
Role-Playing | Writing
Our core premise is surrounded by our Guild Hall, Original Lore and RP events. We are a newly established server who’s goal is to provide a safe place to RP, build friendships, and write!
Role-Playing | Community
Hello there! I'd ask you please read this, but if you don't, I wish you well either way. Note: This isn't the actual server but does lead to it, you may leave this one once you join the other, or just do this . I have a few questions for you: Do you want a place to chill and have fun, and to maybe also make some good friends? Do you like fantasy RP servers with combat and non-combative RP? Do you like making non-human characters? Do you hate unbalanced and OP characters? Do you like magic and very nice lore regarding magic and mana? Do you want to have the freedom to create almost anything you can imagine? Do you enjoy fantasy RP servers with non-restrictive storylines and lore that is molded by you, the user? Then come and join this server! This server is really lacking in members, and in order to do awesome in setting events and to develop the world further, we need members, so why not come check this out?
Role-Playing | Writing
An RP server for an original setting which brings the technology of sci-fi together with the aesthetic of fantasy. The setting is a small town RP which promotes easy to find Roleplay. Join an ever expanding world and make your own stories for everyone to take part in.
Role-Playing | Community
Join one of the three factions to kick the heck out of each other's butts in this combat focused server!
Role-Playing | Anime
Revenant is a modern fantasy roleplay that takes place in Animus' capital city: Eden. This universe is a magic-oriented society, in which individuals known as Gear Holders have developed previously unheard of mystical abilities. Some use these powers to protect the city, by joining the military and governing order of Gladius. Others choose to become part of the infamous Mafia family known as Sanguine, and control the underbelly of the city with terror and corrupt force. Despite the two squabbling organizations, some prefer to join the Lunar Lagoon, a band of pirates ready to maintain a balanced and peaceful world. However, a new power lurks in the shadows of Eden City, and threatens to disrupt the fragile balance of the paradise city. It's up to you to choose your pathway, and determine the future of Animus.
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we're cool scp genre cdn roblox rioting & raiding idK MANN So yeah, join us.
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Fantasy/Medieval Roleplay world with over 100+ members Matrix combat Forums / Rewards
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LifeorDie Combat Server! LifeorDie is a Combat server where you can shoot, rob people and do drugs to get money.