Community | Anime
Creative trades, exchanges, commissions for hire | art and writing prompts, contests and challenges | Mentorship, critique and feedback A Discord server for artists, writers and creative enthusiasts. Everyone is welcome. :) - Daily Weekday Art Prompts and Weekly Writing Prompts - Art/Writing Exchange and Collaborations - Art/Writing Requests and Commissioned - Art/Writing Galleries, tutorials, reference and art/writing help - Feedback channel for writing and artwork
Art | Community
Drawing! Collabs! Networking! Fun! Serious Heartbreaking Critique!
Community | Gaming
Welcome to Razzmatazz Squad, or shorter said RS. We are a community based on socializing, gaming, virtual reality, development and much more! Everyone is welcomed!
Gaming | Entertainment
The official Discord server for the let's play / variety YouTube channel Totally Good at Games. Hosted by Alexander Emenheiser and Darren Leeds.
Art | Hobbies
A place for like minded creative people to hang out
Anime | Social
A server for those who enjoyed Trigun, both the anime and manga, and for connecting with other fans. Not restricted to just talking about the series, open debate is welcomed. Full of friendly people.
Art | Streaming
Servidor da stream do Draken
Art | Social
Art | Community
Ilustrações Animações 2D Aprendiz visitantes
Community | Art
We are all friendly, if you’re willing to make long lasting friends with the same interests then this is the place for you.
Art | Community
Join Stephen Silver, character designer of Kim Possible and Danny Phantom, and artists from around the world and talk about art, resources, the industry, and anything else pertaining to art!
Gaming | Community
Help us to make a incredible Videogame! Join the development of Morkull - Ragast's Rage! Live the adventure of the God of the Underworld in his revenge against the rest of the gods who bully him. Morkull is a non-linear 2D platform video game in development, with explicit violence and lots of humor, placed in a world of fantasy and mythology.
Community | Entertainment
An appreciation server for Barley Lightfoot from Disney and Pixar's animated feature Onward! Discuss and share media relating to the movie and the character, meet new people, see familiar faces, and have fun! Includes categorized channels for topic discussions and specific media, as well as roles for artists and writers This server features a gatekeeper. Please contact the owner when in need of assistance.
Hobbies | Social
We need all the manpower we can find so we can find this thing.
Gaming | Bot
ALL about Gaming, Animation, Discord.js, and our Awesome bots.
YouTuber | Entertainment
Server owned by YouTuber Brucesnoop. Join for some fun discussions on media and politics, and anything else we come across.
Art | Hobbies
Toothpaste Cup is a very small team that wants to create animated cartoons on YouTube, T.P has begun work on its first project right now and you can follow the production. It would be very nice if you could join.
Art | Hobbies
A friendly community for artists and animators alike!
Community | Entertainment
I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am the piece of gum that sticks to your shoe! I am....DARKWING DUCK! Join our community discord and discuss episode history, upcoming news, fan theories, and more. Feel free to also discuss the greater duck-universe, like the new DuckTales cartoon.
Art | Social
Vibe check. Click on our server to pass and be allowed access. (I promise, this will be rewarding.)
YouTuber | Growth
Welcome to COOP This discord server is made for anyone creates films or any type machinima type videos for game projects requiring people and connections. I made this server for people who love to be part of videos and create them too. I sometimes need an extra person from time to time to make a video I plan on making and its hard to get people on board if making videos isn’t an interest of theirs. So, by creating this server I can join people together into a server of people with similar goals.
Art | Furry
Hello! Welcome to the WARRIORS:ANIMATED server! This is a passion project, dedicated to animating the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. We need your help! We need as many people as we can on the production team, as well as patreon supporters and people to just spread the news! Come join us if you love Warriors! :)
Art | Design
The official Discord server of r/Design and r/graphic_design! Join a thriving community of professional graphic designers, artists, students and mentors, get feedback and critique on your work, and surround yourself with people just as passionate about design as you!
Art | Design | Community
Looking to hire someone to do original artwork for you? This is the place! ♛☆ART ♚☆COMMISSIONS ♛☆COMPETITIONS ♚☆LEVELS
Art | Writing
⊱ ──────────── {.⋅ ♫ ⋅.} ──────────── ⊰ ❁ 𝕎𝕖𝕝𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕖 𝕋𝕠 ℂ𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕚ℂ𝕠𝕚𝕟 𝔸𝕣𝕥 𝕄𝕒𝕣𝕜𝕖𝕥𝕡𝕝𝕒𝕔𝕖! ❁ ⊱ ──────────── {.⋅ ♫ ⋅.} ──────────── ⊰ CheriCoin Art Marketplace lets you buy and sell art with a currency called CheriCoin! No actual money is needed to do transactions. You can set up shops to sell your services! ❀ Artists, animators, painters, writers, and musicians at any skill level may join, and people can also take classes to hone their skills (although this feature is still in development) ❀ You may also earn CheriCoin by events, which can be both skill and luck based. Examples of events include matches, art contests, raffles, and "guess the word" giveaways! ❀ We will also host concerts, music nights, and game nights soon. ❀ You may decorate your shops with artist card-like pictures that are both tradeable and purchaseable. Think of them like pokemon cards!
Entertainment | Community
Official guild for fans of Bob's Burgers!
Gaming | Art
A discord for my UnderTale AU, and the discussion for others! This is where official art and animation will go on!
Community | Entertainment
looking for a serious community which takes itself very seriously? well, too bad because we aren't that! unfunny is a thing that does animated comedy sketches and humor comics as well as animated stand-up specials. we are also a community which basically goofs off every time the opportunity arises (we are very rowdy children). if you are interested in either, you should probably join our discord server because it's cool-
eSports | Gaming
公式サイト 公式Twitter 管理人Twitter
Entertainment | Art
Rubberhose cartoons and styles galore, a home for all vintage cartoons and movies alike. Very open and accepting of everyone and all walks of life. hope to see you soon!
Music | YouTuber
The server for the Spanish-speaking youtaite community! ¡El server para los youtaites hispanohablantes!
Community | Writing
This is the official server for StrikeTV.
Art | Entertainment
✦ Welcome to animation hangout~! 🌈 ╔═══════~🌺🌈 ✦ We are a small but growing community of people who like cartoons, TV, art, and many other topics! We also have a list of 100 custom made emotes! ✦ Here you can talk about your favourite shows, and hopefully find new friends who share common interests in TV shows as you, as well as explore new shows others suggest that you may not have considered before. What do we have? ➲ 50 unique emotes and 50 animated emotes from notable cartoons for Nitro users! ➲ Different places to discuss a variety of hobbies and interests! ➲ A place to express your creativity! ➲ Popular bots and bot channels! ➲ Voice chats for talking, listening to music, and going live! ➲ A safe place for everybody, no matter what gender identity, sexuality, or race! ╚═══════~🌺🌈
Community | Art
TR-EN GLOBAL ⭐ Original Emojis 😎 Art 🎨 Active Chat 💬 Events 🎉 Anime 🏮 Gaming 🎮 Social 📱 Fun 🎊
Community | Hobbies
This is a chill server for non-animators and animators to relax and share art etc with a lot of fun stuff to do!
Hobbies | Art
This is the TheBestCheese Animation server. This is a server where you can make animations. How it works is we all take turns to make our very own of animations with a team on your back. If this sounds interesting to you please join and apply in the welcome-apply chat line. This is just a very casual thing right now, if it grows into something bigger then we'll see where it goes, but for now, it's just being done for fun. Have fun! Be sure to read the welcome-rules chat line if your interested!
Art | Gaming
Art server for only the most epic of gamers and chads :)
Art | YouTuber
A server for happylikeawall, art, animation and animation squad fans to come together and talk!
YouTuber | Anime
Welcome to TOU! Dedicated to the PHC (Pokémon Hack Community), We have an extremely loving small community that provide a place for Pokémon content creators! Join today!
Community | Anime
Focused on the TV show Bee and PuppyCat and cartoons in general
YouTuber | Entertainment
A server of friends creating a web series together while also having events!!
Art | Community
The place for animators to gather and learn animation El lugar de reunion de los animadores para aprender animación
Art | Streaming
Smol n' Tall Animations Club is where you can let your expression go wild! This community and part fanbase discord server is for anyone that would like to share their artistic talents! We'd love for anyone to come by!
Art | Hobbies
Animation Plantation is home to all animators! Digital, traditional, 3D, 2D, or whatever else! We all love making cartoons! Hop in & chat!
Community | Entertainment
A Discord server for all fans of Futurama!
YouTuber | Anime
C'est un serveur gratuit où je parle souvent de mon projet série d'animation. Enfin, vous pourrez participer a ce projet si vous le souhaitez. Nous avons des salons rp, commandes bot et une catégorie spéciale a ce projet. Il y a un calendrier avec les notes importantes et le bureau privé des gens qui travaillent pour ce projet. Dernière note : il y a du fun , un salon discord sing et un salon pour certain jeux indépendants (fnaf, Undertale, Baldi, Roblox, Minecraft, cuphead...)
Art | Community
Basically a hangout spot for animators and artists to share each other’s work.
Gaming | YouTuber
Gaming, sprite animating/sharing, and subscribing to HazzardEddard (link can be found in the server).
Art | Community
It's a place for all kind of artists! It doesn't matter that you are a begginer or a real professional, traditional artist, animator, photographer or even a musician! Here you can share your creation, ask for help and also help others! In addition, if you are a digital artist you can draw with others using Stay creative and have a good time!
Art | Community
We’re a fast growing art community server where we hope to create an even bigger community. Post your art and animations and we guarantee feedback. We accept all art
Art | Music
dreaming in the night of a cold and dark maze.. 🎹 All Art and Musical creatures are welcome. Meet others like you and connect. We are here as the artists where creativity is life.🌙 Join us in the night! Pursuing out dreams together.
Art | Community
Eclipse Nation is the Hub for Animators, Digital Artists and VFX artists. Showcase your work, critique, support, have fun!
Anime | Art
Hey everyone this is a family friendly LGBTQ+ server EVERYONE IS WELCOME! This server is for people of many ages to come and hangout and make friends as well as grow your socials or just help me reach a higher amout of followers on my twitch, I usually spend my time updating my server reguraly and trying to join the discord partner program. Please join if you wish to help thank you very much! Everyone who joins is greatly appriciated
Anime | YouTuber
Im looking to produce an animated series and maybe make some youtube videos join if you can help. Im working on an outline and a maybe a book as well. All are welcome to come hang out as well. Join and have fun.
Art | Anime
Animation community.
Design | Art
Artistic Server for everyone! More than 1800 members connect here and share stuff like blender models, game renders, help each other out, give ops on designs or just chat. This server is for editors, animators, designers, artists, content creators, just for everyone. Join and make it into the featured art chat today!
Art | Furry
Hi! I'm Lucifur and this server is an art and animation room. We are accepting of anyone, have multiple chatrooms dedicated to art and animation (don't worry, you don't have to draw or animate)! and a SFW community for everyone.
Art | YouTuber
3D Modeling, Animation and FX tutorials, community for 3D artists, studios, game developers, prop modelers and more.
Gaming | Community
GamEarth, le Discord pour les vrais [email protected] ! ✔️ Des événements imaginés pour vous ? Check. ✔️ Des rôles pour n'avoir que les notifications souhaitées ? Check. ✔️ Des mini-jeux, une économie, des cadeaux ? Check. ✔️ Des salons illimités pour jouer autant que vous voulez ? Check. ✔️ Un bot façonné autour de vos idées ? Check. ❌ Du spam dès ton arrivée. ❌ Un Fondateur tyrannique.
Anime | Community
╺◦──◦╸୨✧୧╺◦──◦╸ ・✦୧・𝙿𝚊𝚛𝚊𝚍𝚒𝚜 ╺◦──◦╸୨✧୧╺◦──◦╸ Ce serveur est un serveur Communautaire / Rencontre / Animations / Mangas-Animés / Jeux Bots ect Ici tu trouveras pleins de rôles pour te présenter et faire connaissance avec les personnes qui te correspond comme : - Rôles Genre / Age / Localisation / Situation / Attirance - Ou aussi Passions / SIgne Astro Mais ce n'est pas tout il y a aussi des Rôles-Niveaux qui vous sont donner pour récompenser votre activité dans le serveur et sont progressif dans le Thème du Paradis Ou des Rôles-Invites qui vous sont donner pour récompenser vos invitations et votre aide ! Vous pouvez aussi obtenir d'autres rôles avec le casino en gagnant de l'argent virtuel et en les achetant mais il y a aussi d'autres jeux bots ! ╺◦──◦╸୨✧୧╺◦──◦╸ Dans ce serveur tu y trouveras tout type d'animations ! (Tournois/Quizz/Blind Test concours ect....) ╺◦──◦╸୨✧୧╺◦──◦╸ Go Venez Nombreux !
Art | Design
We are the great shoulian studios official discord server, a games studio artist art animation server also game dev
Entertainment | Role-Playing
Greetings fellow humans, human fellas! If you love The Dragon Prince (who doesn't) then this server is for you! We're quite a small community at the moment, but but a really nice one nevertheless. We have a General Chat, Theory/Discussion channels, channels for each Arcanum and much more! It would genuinely mean a lot for you to join <3
Emoji | Community
A server created for the sole purpose of Care Bear emotes. Emotes are nitro only! All rights go to LINE Corporation for the emotes.
Community | Meme
A nice and friendly community that has alot of people with alot of personalities revolving around a youtuber with .0000002% fame. Join today for a cookie!
Community | Art
The Official Server for the Mallow Falls Animated Series!! Come vibe with us! :D
Gaming | Art | Role-Playing
We are a Minecraft Java and Bedrock SMP. We have in-depth lore created by players, art, events, roleplay and more. Come join us!
Art | Community
Chill hub for artists to talk and have fun or give/get advice in the server.
Community | Social
Animation 𝒞afé is place where you can get a cup of coffee/tea and talk about your favorite animated movie and even find out about new movies. You can meet other people, partake in movie nights, and share your thoughts on animated movie. ˜”°•.˜”°• What we offer you; •°”˜.•°”˜ 🌱 Movie Nights 🌾 Game Nights 🌻 Question of the Day 🍂 Poll of the Day ☕ Emotes 🍵 Friendly Community 🍰 SFW 🍮 Events ˜”°•.˜”°• •°”˜.•°”˜ ˜”°•.˜”°• •°”˜.•°”˜ If you are ready to take your order just click join button bellow! 🌺🌺🌺