Anime | Entertainment
This server is a server of aot mostly a roleplay server and a server to meet people. even tho it's an aot server you can talk about any anime.
Anime | LGBT
A discord server where all you JeanxArmin shippers can talk and join others just like you! Friendly and run by two if the biggest Jearmin shippers out there!
Anime | Gaming
This server is based on a game called roblox and an anime called attack on titan We work hard each day to make sure that we create a fun but safe environment for our community joining now will allow you to become a veteran when the game releases which will give you certain perks we take pride in what we do and we would love it you enjoy our accomplishments with joining this community will not only make you apart of this team but apart of a family which is working hard everyday to create an a-class Aot Material game give this game a try and you wont regret it.
Anime | Social
Chill hangout for Aot and anime/manga fans. Please be 13+ and no nsfw please. We have the 3 regiment roles to join along with other assignable roles.
Anime | Community
This server is for aot lovers all around the world. You can chat with aot fans watch episodes with each other play together and more!
Anime | Meme
We are a Attack on Titan discord server,we got memes,mingames and discussions:)
Anime | Anime
Good morning everyone this is the Devils of Paradis server where we talk about all AoT related whether it be anime and manga. We also host Kahoot games and movie nights. Thank you and I hope to see you there
Anime | Community
Largest, most active, and only Official Discord Partner AoT server! ● 40,000+ members ● #1 source of AoT news ● 150+ emojis ● Sections for anime and manga ● Custom roles ● Custom music and game bots ● Giveaways for Nitro Boosters ● Channels for spin-offs, merchandise, videogames, fanart...
Social | Anime
A fun chill place for AoT/SnK fans without silly censorship and pretty decent rules that even the MODS have to follow (crazy, right?).
in questo server si troverà una chat libera dove parlare liberamente, una zona degli hentai (ne pubblicheremo uno giornalmente), una sala help dove chiedere aiuto agli host, ci sarà una divisione in gradi (da corpo cadetti fino a gendarmeria e anche ruolo di giganti) per salire di grado bisogna vincere le competizioni mensili
Role-Playing | Anime
Paradis is an Attack on Titan roleplay server that follows similar events to the main canon, with new story beats, twists and characters. All events on the server are exclusive here, and some situations will play out very differently than the original story. Join for a statistical and intense Attack on Titan experience.
Community | Anime
Our new server was intended to be a community, anime, and gaming discord server. We have an outstanding leveling system that gives your perks along the way. Share it with everyone because they will love it here!