purpose discord network created by HappySport and LilSkylar. Diversity Hangout is a truly diverse server ranging from dating, gaming, social, communication, roleplay, nsfw, anime and more. We have Plenty of Amazing Bots We have plenty of Emojis Fun Channels We have friendly staff Need Staff Soon Custom Roles about you We have roleplay Media Advertisement NSFW servers. (Requires NSFW Access) Anime Gaming Channels Pokemon Selfie Channels Introduction Channels Support Ticket Bot Games like TicTacToe, Hangman, Uno, ConnectFour etc Looking for Partners and Managers! A Regularly Daily Active Chat More females than males Moto 1: A Diverse Network is better for the future. Moto 2: Together Forever, Friends Forever. We stand strong, We stand tough, Were better as a whole and not one. Together we can make this work. Together We are Diverse