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The First Server On Discord To Be Styled As An MMORPG Go On Quests Defeat A World Boss Chat With People At The Tavern Find New Friends And Play MMORPG Games With Them
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Hallo, wir sind ein kleiner Discord der sich über Anime und Games dreht... WAS BIETEN WIR?!?! -Bots -Autoroles -TWITCH/YT WERBUNG -Updates zu Games -Musik -timeroles USW.....
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Hello There, Looking for A Welcoming Community? The Chill Zone is a Non Toxic welcoming community regardless of your Race, Sexuality Or Gender in another words your free to be you with no Judgement :) Do you like Anime? well you definitely find something to talk about with some of our members cause we also welcome Weebs and the likes to join. We offer.. - A safe, nontoxic, LGBTQ+ environment for all! - Tons of reaction roles! - Fun bots like Dank Memer, OwO and Groovy! - Community events, such as game nights, movie nights! We still only have very few members as we are still a new server but we would love if you give us a shot. :-)