Role-Playing | Anime
An RP server dedicated to OCs thst feature the menhera fashion and aesthetic! Join as a patient or staff member in our supernatural friendly server.
Role-Playing | Anime
An asylum roleplay, that focuses around mental health and escaping your trauma. We have laidback mods that can handle jokes, we have cool people, etc. || Your mind's playground, we have no limit on ocs. || Just read the rules and warning channels.
Role-Playing | Entertainment
Icarus Peak is a semi-lit roleplay server focusing on superpowers and secrets. You can make creative characters and interact with the community, all while roleplaying special events or daily life!
Role-Playing | Mature
Welcome to St. Coloman Psychiatric Hospital, well, at least that's what it's referred to as when the occasional policeman accidentally gets involved. We're a not-so-nice little (fictional) asylum tucked away in the Austrian Alps, 1972. The views are great all year round, but some of our patients barely even see the light of day. Here, we take on atypical cases, usually involving some sort of criminally ill individual, and we try to cure them. Our methods vary greatly from doctor to doctor, but we are effective in our goal. Surrounding the asylum are steep drop offs several meters high. We have two different gates, each requiring some sort of badge verification that our recognised staff use to get in and out. We have security both in and around the premises, ensuring no one gets out... or in. A dark secret lurks within the shadows, but it will take time and effort for someone to uncover it. ---------------------------------------------------------