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Role-Playing | Writing
Tenshi Academy is an RP server about those with and without abilities, called gifts. In this world, there are two sides to humanity: The Gifted and The UnGifted. As time passes by, the population of The Gifted grows, thus adding to the risk of their existence getting exposed to normal humans. However, this is not the only risk out there as an organization lurks in the shadows, looking to hunt down and capture those with these abilities. 🌟 What do we have to offer? 🌟 -Friendly Staff Team -Self-Assignable Roles -Partnerships Available -No One-Liners -Lots of Channels to Roleplay In (And More If Requested!) -Easy to Follow Template + A More Advanced Template for Those Who Like Details :) If you're interested, come join us! It is fairly active around here so we would love if you'd add to the party :) https://discord.gg/jeRZrj8
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Role-Playing | Entertainment
Icarus Peak is a semi-lit roleplay server focusing on superpowers and secrets. You can make creative characters and interact with the community, all while roleplaying special events or daily life!