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DRAGON BALL HYPER: TRAINING SYSTEM: - Increasing your power level is an essential part of DRAGON BALL, and you can so with our balanced training system. STORYLINE: - DRAGON BALL HYPER will have constant arcs and constant events to bring the server together. Participating in events may sometimes give you a reward, such as a training boost or a special item. :) CUSTOM CHARACTER CREATION: - You can create your own character, which means that you can write them however you want! THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX - You do you, our server makes your creativity go up to its peak! It doesn't matter if its not a thing in Dragon Ball, its a thing here! OCCUPATIONS?! - Join groups such as the Red Ribbon Army or the new version of Frieza's Force, you can be an essential part of world-building. If you want you can even create a custom occupation too.
Anime | Role-Playing
A server set in an alternate universe to the Dragon Ball franchise, this AU focuses on the development of the characters created within it. There are a few system one might need to get to grips with but things aren't to complex here. Additionally, due to the AU setting, fan made forms can be found here to fill in the gaps for non-Saiyan races and custom forms can be made for people who wish to see their characters grow even further. There are a few rules and guidelines for how the server runs but most of these rules are not unlike what one can find elsewhere. A bit of lore exists to try and detail the universe and events have been pre-planned in an attempt to create arcs for people to follow should they wish to participate in that. There's no real perks in coming here, if I'm honest, but there are, currently, 14 races to choose from with multiple sub-races beyond that. So if abundant choice be something you wish then jump into the server and let's get going.