This server is a server that has multiple roles, chats, vcs, and more. The server is about talking about modern day politics and what is going around the world. There are even special rooms for vip/top debaters. You could possibly get on the best list for a while. Also the server has been boosted recently to give the best experience possible to the people on the server. Also, the server is mainly based on American politics but there are politics all around the world that people's voices should be heard. So almost anyone can join! So join to talk politics to people on all sides of the political (party) spectrum.
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Place to discuss politics, primarily United States focused, but other country discussion is allowed. Left, Right and Centrists are all welcome. Note: Official successor to Neco2040's ill-fated political server
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Operation Politics is a public politically-orientated debate server designed to help you find like-minded people and explore new points of view and perspectives. We aim to try to be an open-minded and diverse environment, so our rules and expectations are tailored to match that concept. We try to deliver news regarding major political events and provide bipartisan, open-minded commentary on issues facing today.