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Ayaw ka uwaw Sis og Brad, Ari dali nay daghan maka istorya diri, ayaw ka lonely ky naa mga bago na friend diri ay, sg lang dili lang me mag dali na mu sulod ka, pero huwaton gihapon ka namo. Welcome Daan Sa Among Family! See you langga ka namo.
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Hoy ali na, completo na ang tanan ani nga server, ikaw nalay kulang. This server is open to all people who plays Among Us regardless of their language, although majority of us speaks bisaya, we still welcome you with open arms. This server will give you the best experience with its community and its clean organized menus that will help you navigate through the server easily. There are lots of stuffs to do, you can play different games with other people aside from among us, watch movies, do live streams, listen to music, watch memes, and etc. AYAW NAMOG KAULAW, PLEASE SOCIALIZE AND PLAY WITH US! (Make sure to invite your friends and help us grow into a more wonderful community)