Bienvenidos a BNS(ESP) Somos un servidor de Discord dedicado a todos los jugadores de Blade and Soul que hablan español. Nuestro objetivo es facilitar la comunicación e información entre todos sin importar el nivel o el clan al que pertenezcas. Somos internacionales y multiculturales, estamos en NA-Yura y EU-Jinsoyun. Ya somos más de 1460 jugadores!
I’m Gamer. Here i post my updates, gaming videos, tutorial videos, anything you guys want :3 and if you like video games too maybe we can play together,....Come let's be friends :) Always Sm:)e
Well, listen - I won't bullshit you. MK Is a community and a clan, we got bad days, good days, well mostly good days. There always are some troublesome people but we deal with them. But what I can tell you, that we won't make you feel like shit if you do not know something, or can't do after a few tries. We invest in people, and make you feel part of the community, and that we are always good for a dungeon or a raid. If you want to join the community only - our discord is more than welcoming, got other games there too. Maybe you change your mind and join clan eventually.
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