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A friendly Roleplaying community where you can become either a Student, Teacher, Villain or Hero. We have tailored it to suit the member’s needs, making setup as quick, simple and easy as possible.
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were pretty active please join :sunglasses emoji:
Anime | Role-Playing
**THIS SERVER IS 16+. ** Welcome to My Hero Adventures, A semi-literate to literate roleplay server, with crack roleplay opportunities! OC's are very much welcomed here!! We encourage it!! We have tons of characters available, and this is a ship-judge free zone! All ships are welcomed (as long as they are legal), and we don't mind if you join just to hang out and have a space to talk about MHA freely. Simping is allowed! This server can also be a hang-out server for MHA/BNHA fans, if you'd prefer! We have a manga only channel, as well as an Anime only channel for those who have a preference in how they enjoy MHA, or if you do both! Manga spoilers are restricted to that chat only, so anime watchers a free of spoilers! -FANTASY/VILLAIN/ADULT AU'S ARE AVAILABLE! -NSFW roles for adults! With an adult-only area~! (Proof of I.D.) -Events -Holiday Events -Pingable roles -Self- Roles -VC Channels -Cosplay RP VC/ Impressions VC!
Anime | Writing
Watch anime? Read fan-fics? AO3? Check this server out! Started off as a bnha fanfic server, but has evolved to have more! Includes: - Fic-drop - Designing quirks - Cool events and games - Artists Works - Theory discussions - A fun but competitive Scoreboard - Murder plans + vent - All For One's Lair Shhh Chill, hangout and make new friends! Hope to see you there!! <3 Link to main bnha fic: