A mature version of Camp Half Blood, we allow the things other servers dont ---------- - Fair, Nice, Staff - we are a growing community - an easy to fill character template - we work with you to get your character approved ---------- So join today
Writing | Role-Playing
A small Camp Half-Blood server made for writers or beginners, with an involved plotline as well as major and minor quests. Along with every god and goddess and flexible with the powers your character can have.
Role-Playing | Writing
Experience a compelling retelling of the Greek Mythological World of Percy Jackson through a wonderment of plot-driven roleplays within a fantastic open world. We provide tournaments and events both in, and out of character, such as karaoke and many more community friendly experiences. Olympians have split into a waging war within the depths of Tartarus. A lurking Goddess presses fear into the hearts of many. Prepare for a much darker take on Rick's Greek world. Ichor: Camp Half-Blood offers many things, including -Percy Jackson, Heroes Of Olympus & Trials of Apollo Lore -An expert Dungeon Master system -An economy & detailed magic/weapon system -Chariot racing, capture the flag, and several other events for cabin competitions -A levelling system for powers, new locations, roleplaying perks, and more -Community influenced and created events, plot, and features -An organised and friendly staff team and server community
Role-Playing | Writing
Welcome to CHB and CJ - The New Time. This server is a new Camp Half Blood and Camp Jupiter RP that is centered after all of the Percy Jackson books, and all of the Heroes of Olympus books. We are looking for staff members. The demigods of Camp Half Blood and Camp Jupiter have never lived in such a peaceful time. The camps are thriving, the food is high like it never has been for, and the godly parents of the children are staying in communication. The demigods are excited and want to live in this time for as long as they can, but will they be able to? Join and find out! What we offer : - Daily Forecasts - Fun games weekly - A positive community of fans and friends alike. - Fun bots - Lots of RP areas and godly parents for your characters! - Both Camp Half Blood and Camp Jupiter on the same server! - You may now RP as your favorite god or goddess if you are active! -We are also all inclusive and LGBTQ+
Role-Playing | Community
Here’s just a couple of the things we offer here at camp! •A Chance to be one of the big three demigods •Various quests you can partake on •Our own unique lore and storyline just waiting for its hero’s. •A friendly and welcoming community •20+ Gods and Goddess’s to choose from
Role-Playing | Hobbies
**CHB:ANE Is a loose AU based off the books by Rick Riordan. This means we allow pretty much anything, while also remaining in the universe of Percy Jackson!