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Welcome to Camp Half-Blood, where only half of us survive! This server is based off of the Percy Jackson and the Olympian books, as well as other series written by Rick Riordan. — Camp Half-Blood, the only safe haven for Greek demigods from the monsters that want nothing more than to eat you alive. You can roleplay as a Demigod, Satyr (Half-Goat), Dryad (Wood Nymph), Harpy (Half-Bird), or a Naiad (Water Nymph). — Enter the dangerous world of Greek Mythology, filled with gods and plenty of monsters! You can go on a quest, make friends with your fellow demigods, train to battle against vicious monsters, or play a not-so-friendly round of Capture the Flag. — We accept everyone and anyone, all identities, and support LGBTQ+ 🏳️‍🌈 — We have the same 20 cabins that are mentioned in the books, as well as some new ones! — So young hero, join us! Your destiny awaits...
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We're friendly dorks with immense talent, so we won't bite, don't worry.