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Taku's City-Pop is the best place to share and discuss old-school J-pop and City-Pop music with other members in a chill environment and channels for finding new music in the genre or even music similar to City-Pop from other countries.
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We are a server that focuses mainly on the idol music and idols of Japans bubble era. There are plenty of channels for discussion, video posting, file dumping and general discussion. We will also do live events once we get off the ground.
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--- English follows--- ネオ東京は音楽を通して異文化交流するオンラインの街です!日本文化・言語に興味のある外国人が多いので、言語交換もできます。ミュージシャン・アーティストも多いのでコラボやアドバイスもらったりなども可能です!海外に興味のある方、外国語勉強したい方、アーティストの方、初心者の方どなたでも大歓迎です。ネオ東京について語った動画はこちら → https://youtu.be/kHortvCdthE --- English --- Neo Tokyo is a Japanese cross-cultural community, where we create Neo CityPop. There are some Japanese people, so you can do language exchange as well. Also there are artists and musicians, and you can do collaborations and get feedback for your works/songs if you want. :) Everyone is welcome :) Here is the video I talked about Neo Tokyo → https://youtu.be/waSvlPSG8Eo